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Police And Antifa Force Alt-Right Out Of The Park An Hour Before The Car Crash./



Yes I went.. Yes I'm a Trump supporter... No I'm not a Nazi.
I went to film, That is it. I wore nothing political other than American Flag Socks, Plain Tank-top, Plain Shorts, Plain Hat, plain backpack, I had no weapons, no helmet, no shield, no protective gear, no gloves, absolutely nothing to suggest I was there to fight. I kept to myself, said nothing to anyone about race, politics, anything really.

I... don't even know. These people are insane. He just came up and swung at me. Clearly trying to land a cheap shot. Luckily I'm just barely able to see it coming and avoid taking the hit. I grab the coward the push him into the barricade. His head bounces of it and I push him away. They then form a semi-circle around me, wielding batons and throwing rocks. Again I am completely unarmed and un-sheilded. Not liking these odds I throw myself backwards, over the barricade onto the Alt-Right Side. The help me up and put me behind their shields.... (What fucking monsters, right.)

Unfortunately for me and the Alt-Right groups who I'm now standing with... Right after I launched myself over the barricade, the "State of emergency" order was given, and the cops started driving out the WN guys.. meaning I had to run the gauntlet with them. The only way they'd let anyone out was down a narrow staircase through a cloud of pepper spray and swinging sticks, poles, bats and bricks... I got out relatively clean, others... not so lucky. But there was no other choice as the cops were pushing from the North and Antifa had knocked down the barricade and were coming from the east. The Police completely ignored Antifa's advancement, and didn't enforce the dispersal order on Antifa, BLM, and the rest of the protesters.

People, women included, had to run for blocks with Antifa and BLM groups chasing them, harassing them, assaulting them. Groups were separated in the commotion. Police continued to do nothing.

The blame for this entire catastrophe of an event falls on the Mayor, Governor, Carlottesville Police and National guard. They only allowed this to happen in a very specific way. The most violent way possible. The told police to basically stand down to Antifa and BLM, while simultaneously forcing the Alt-Right guys to march through a sea of pepper spray, Antifa and paid protesters swinging batons and throwing rocks in order to get into the barricaded park. Sorry, I don't agree with the Alt-Right on a lot of things but they were set up too look as bad as possible. Every MSM story was written long before this even happened, they just needed to wait for the carefully selected pictures to attach to the story. Maybe add a paragraph or two. The Leftist government of Virginia and specifically Charlottesville wanted this to end as horrifically as possible. They got their wish when Heather Heyer died. They were likely just upset there weren't more fatalities on both sides. The obvious bias and disregard for public safety, that I witnessed in Charlottesville, by the very people who govern them, was sickening. I went knowing there would be confrontation but this was far beyond what I expected, as the police has supposedly ensured both sides they'd keep the peace. Also, if they had enforced the dispersal order uniformly, rather than just forcing the people who had a permit to be there (reinstated by a federal judge) then Antifa wouldn't have been free to overrun the streets, and no one would have died. Other than the 2 helicopter pilots, which happened 7 miles away and was caused by pilot error.

This whole thing is very fishy indeed. Seems like a carefully orchestrated plan to increase social tensions and cause further divide amongst the public. Deep State Shit.

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