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White activist Jason Kessler says he will not hold his rally in McIntire Park. Today, city leaders said Kessler could host the Unite the Right Rally but only in McIntire Park due to safety concerns. Kessler maintains he will hold the rally from 12-5 on August 12 in Emancipation Park.


NBC29 has confirmed white activist Jason Kessler’s liability insurance for his August 12 Unite the Right Rally in Emancipation Park has been canceled.

An agent with East Main Street Insurance Services says the certificate was canceled on July 28.

The city says Kessler’s event is a demonstration and not an event so insurance is not required, but if damages occur during the rally, Kessler would be liable.

NBC29 reached out to Kessler for comment, who replied via email with the following statement:

I was never legally required to obtain insurance for the event. Demonstrations are not required to have insurance because it would be an undue burden on first amendment expression. I got it anyway to help lower the risk for the city.

Activists from groups like SURJ and Solidarity Cville pressured the company to cancel the policy. All they have done is cost the city even more money by placing local government on the hook for any kind of damage they cause trying to stop the exercise of free speech at Unite the Right.



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