Trump's Kaya Jones 'Half-Breed' Indian Ambassador Gang-Stalked by North & South Dakota Indians

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Native Tribes Harass Pro-Trump Singer Kaya Jones and Her Family, Threatening Lawsuit

Pro-Trump singer and political commentator Kaya Jones has told the Gateway Pundit that the Secretary of State for Cherokee Nation is threatening to team up with other tribes to sue her for $50 million over her role at the National Diversity Coalition for Trump.

In December, Jones was named as the Native American Ambassador for Trump by the NDC. The former Pussycat Doll has a Native American father, Jamaican mother and is a strong voice within the MAGA movement — so the position seemed to be a natural fit for the artist given her culturally diverse upbringing.

Now, she is being threatened with a lawsuit by people who claim, without basis, that she is lying about her father’s heritage.

Though her father is Apache, many Native Americans immediately began attacking the singer and accusing her of lying about her ancestry. Jones told GWP that reporters and trolls have even been calling her relatives to harass them with questions and accusations about her family.

Her father, she told us, was removed from his reservation as a baby and she does not know much about his history.

“I genuinely want to find my heritage and learn about my father’s people and really need the Indigenous community to guide this path,” Jones told Gateway.

In addition to the harassment aimed at her family, Jones says she has been facing a barrage of threats and her Wikipedia page has been repeatedly vandalized.

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