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Why We Are Of Course Desperate For More Invaders from Those Places

 Meet Pony - An orangutan who was forced to be a sex slave in Indonesia

If your reaction to prostitution is why such a thing exists then you are in for a real shocker ahead. Did you know that there is something called ‘animal prostitution’. Yes, it is a reality and an ugly one. Human beings are known to be notorious invaders of the ecosystem and now humans has stooped to a new low. The appalling story is of Pony, a six or seven year old female orangutan, who was used as a sex slave in Kareng Pangi village, Central Kalimantan, Indonesia.

It may curdle your blood that the the truth remains unchanged for Pony, an orangutan who was forced to work as a prostitute and earned money for her owner. It was not as if the sick minded owner of Pony had lack of options but chose to use the animal as a sex tool because Pony was lucky for her! Yes, Pony was considered to be lucky for her and the disgusting tale continued for several years till Pony was rescued by Borneo Orangutan Survival Foundation.

So what was the ordeal for the harmless, mute animal in the world of cruel human beings? Nothing less than a nightmare for sure. When her rescuers eventually found their way to the victim, they found Pony chained with no fur on her body! The orangutan was regularly shaved, which led to mosquito bites, some so grave that left her infected. She was trained to offer herself to the men. She would place herself in some sort of sexual position every time a man went near her. She had completely lost the sense of her natural habitat and behavior.

On her release from the dreadful life as a prostitute, Pony did not know how to lead her life, not understanding how to climb trees. But, her ordeals are over as the beautiful creature slowly crept her way back into the life she definitely deserved.

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Many orangutans get killed or captured by palm oil plantation workers, some ending up as illegal pet, even used as prostitutes, exploited of entertainment.

"We have been forced to take action and rescue this Sumatran orangutan today as otherwise he would have starved to death, and many other orangutans are facing the same fate, if legal actions against those companies breaking national laws cannot immediately stop the destruction”. 

It seems that Pony had been held as a sex slave in a village, tied by her ankle to a wall on a mattress, having her body shaved every day to make her more smooth and appealing to the men who came to pay to have sex with her. Whenever anyone tried to investigate this or save her, they were met with villagers who threatened the would-be rescuers with poison-tipped sticks and other weapons.

It took an agonizing amount of time, countless advocates, some mercenaries, and a lot of money to free Pony from the prostitution prison where she was being held captive. This once free ape was considered to be a real moneymaker for the locals of the village, and they did not want to allow her to be rescued.

These highly-intelligent and beautiful animals are being brutally murdered and exploited in the worst possible ways, all for human greed. Orangutans are endangered, thanks to the massive growth of palm oil plantations, which is systematically wiping out their natural habitat. They build their nests in the treetops, but every single tree is clear-cut in order to make way for the plantations.

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