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SoftBank’s semiconductor subsidiary ARM will deliver about a trillion chips designed for the so-called Internet of things (IoT) over the next 20 years, the chairman and CEO of the Japanese company said on Monday.

Speaking at the Mobile World Congress, the industry’s largest annual trade show, SoftBank’s Masayoshi Son said the number of “brain cells” in chips would surpass the number of human brain neurons in 2018, opening up a huge opportunity for smart and connected objects.

“This is why I spent $32 billion to acquire ARM,” Son said, explaining his 30-year-vision of a world where the artificial computer brain will have 10,000 intelligence quotient (IQ) capabilities compared with 100 for the average human.

The Internet of things is a term used to describe a network of devices other than computers and smartphones that are connected to the Internet and can collect and exchange data, such as for controlling heating at home.


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