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"Why the rise in 'Hate' groups?"
"It's the rise in the demographic dispossession of white people in America"
"You can't stop it"
"It's been planned for a while"

Really makes you think.

A message from the guy who filmed it: "Hey gents, this is Dillon. I'm the CO of Vanguard America. I was the guy who recorded that video. I drove over to Lexington, KY on a Wednesday night to attend that forum on the 31st of January. I didn't know how insightful this video would be. I honestly just thought it was going to be a lot of nonsense schlock. Apparently my little video, which I was openly filming, was a lot more powerful than I had imagined. I encourage everyone to do what I did. Track these seminars and forums and record every single one of them. My only regret is not recording it in its absolute entirety, to include the conflicts afterwords which my accomplice and I had with the staff and several audience members after video 3 ended."

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