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Originally uploaded to The London Forum channel in 2016. The oppressive politically-correct regime that currently tyrannizes over and is slowly destroying the Western World, (together with its people, its culture and its values), hates real history and only tolerates historians if they sell their soul to slavishly spout the approved propaganda and worldview of that regime. The result is that we live today in an increasingly nonsensical fool’s paradise where past, present and future bear no resemblance to either actuality, reality, human nature nor even nature herself.

In this regime the worst crime is the thought crime and he who seeks to spread such thought is the worst criminal of all. Intellectual freedom is non-existent, free speech a farce, and free debate and discussion derided as dangerous and subversive. It is a brave man therefore who speaks the truth. Braver still the man who speaks the truth about Hitler’s Third Reich, for in the new Liberal-Marxist religion such speech is the worst form of heresy. David Irving is such a man. A scholar, a modern heretic, a brave man, and the highest accolade of all - a REAL historian.

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