Scott Edmisten - Stephen Paddock's CIA Gun Running Accomplice Captured in Tennessee?Featured video

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 In the suite investigating?


Sorcha Faal is posting some good information that needs to be checked out. We now have multiple sources saying Stephen Paddock was a gun runner for the FBI/CIA! Scott Edmisten was caught for speeding at 4:00 am in the morning in Tennessee with multiple automatic weapons with no serial numbers. Won't talk to police. Guy smells like CIA and Sorcha reports he was in Las Vegas meeting Paddock on the 27th. This is very easy to check by checking gps of phone I'm sure he had with him. Seems fishy that somebody called in a bomb threat on his home so the Feds probably went in first to sanitize it. He couldn't have been a shooter but this seems VERY suspicious! This makes more sense than anything the fake news is putting out plus it matches what the Las Vegas Police source said that they found out that Paddock was running guns for the government!

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