Radical Agenda Episode 125: Richard Spencer

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Original description: Richard B. Spencer will be our guest today for the first hour of the program. He's the editor and founder of RadixJournal.com, which publishes original work on culture, race, tradition, meta-politics, and critical theory. It is an online magazine, a biannual print journal, and a publishing imprint.

Richard was an editor at The American Conservative Magazine, and a contributor to TakiMag before he founded AlternativeRight.com, coining a term we've used on the program quite a bit lately "Alt Right". He describes it as a reaction to "mainstream" conservatism. The George W. Bush cheerleaders, the Iraq war supporters and various neocon hacks, along with some amount of holdover from the Goldwater nomination.

As Richard describes it in his video "What is the Alt Right?" there became these two basic aspects of the conservative movement; freedom, and an aggressive foreign policy.

I don't think we'll find a great deal of disagreement with Richard on the foreign policy front. So discussing it I would likely make for very boring radio.

So instead, let's talk about freedom. Freedom of course sounds nice enough. Not too many people will get up and say "I hate freedom" but Richard asks the question; "Freedom for what? Freedom for whom? Do you want freedom to start a business or so Miley Cyrus can twerk at the MTV Movie Awards? Does a capitalist want freedom so he can destroy the natural world?" Not too many people take the time to ask these things, and I think it worth doing.

I view freedom as a private property based society governed by contracts and consent, specifically that it lacks anything we would recognize as a State. Clearly however, that's a universe away from the world we presently live in. Most libertarians today attempt to make this work within State centered societies by having the government permit all manner of terrible behaviors in public spaces, under the auspices that nobody is being "hurt" by these behaviors. That sounds fine at first, until we start seeing the societal consequences of degeneracy run amok, indiscriminate breeding, the welcoming into society of savages, and all manner of things that a genuine libertarian society would harshly discourage.

We're not going to have prosperous or even tolerable lives in this society, much less get to a Rothbarian/Hoppean ancap Utopia if that lunacy isn't stopped by some force. If the market isn't going to be allowed to discourage it, then the State may well have to.
Released 4/6/17

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