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Meet the Indigenous Mexican Chicano Socialist Nazi Party Of Mexico And El Salvador

What does Al Sharpton, Ed Schultz, the Latino contributors of MSNBC and all the other whitie haters at MSNBC got to say about this. See the Swastika in the Indigenous mural and the Nazi jeep was in Bolivia. Seeing the Indigenous baby popping invaders in this light (as Communist Nazis) it becomes more understandable how they have the audacity to believe they own the whole continent. As the people of Arizona get the Chicano middle finger for getting in the way of the Indigenous breeder and Chicano Nazi Party takeover. The Arizona people have been accused of being racist Nazis, as white Americans usually are blamed for any and everything. Arizona meet the people you have been accused of being. Doesn’t this make you jealous Arizona.  More Poor Victims of Arizona –  Jan 27 2011 Arizona is again being attacked by the poor, poor, poor, picked on south of the border victim “humans,” this time with bundles of marijuana by catapults. These picked on “humans” victims wouldn’t fire free marijuana for the white racist of Arizona so more poor, poor, poor, picked on victim breeder people must have been near by to pick it up. The catapults are of European origin just as the firearms and so many other goodies the Indigenous continent owners love to possess. Meaning there NOT of  Indigenous origin.  Jan 18, 2011 And a truck filled with bundles of marijuana slams into a home in Arizona ending a high speed chase. (Personally i hope Mexicans lived there.) Don’t photos say a lot without words. It appears most Latino countries have brown and black skin Nazis.This Chicano Nazi party is the modern day  “Partido Nacional Socialista de Mexico.”   http://mexicanoccupation.blogspot.com/2010/12/mex-fascist-party-of-la-raza-their-wall.html The neo Nazi National Socialist Movement has no association with the state of Arizona Mexican morons. There is no Arizona Nazi Party.    http://flagspot.net/flags/mx%7Dorcr.html

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