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I was there. They did this. They clearly caused the whole thing... I now fully believe the chaos and violence on the ground were purposefully allowed to happen by the Virginia State Police under orders from the left-winger governor and former DNC chair, Terry McAulliffe. We all saw just how he milked the whole tragedy for the leftist anti-Trump media with news conferences as militant blacks and rabbis stood smilingly behind him. What a punk!

I was over on the southwest corner of the park, on the side facing Market street when the leftys were invading our supposedly set aside “protected” area (what a laugh). I distinctly remember some crazy-looking black guy smiling away as he pepper sprayed at us along with other blacks jumping around excitedly like wilding Mau-Maus in deepest, darkest Africa. Lefty ANTIFA allies were all over the place throwing crap. It was just like a battle scene. I looked to my left (eastwards towards the statue of Lee) and the State police in riot gear just stood there, doing absolutely nothing.


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