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Both sets of Chopin's etudes can be as fiendishly difficult for the performer as they are mesmerizing for the listener, yet Maurizio Pollini makes them sound as if they pose no problems whatsoever for him in this 1972 recording. Every one of the etudes is played with easy precision, energy, and an entirely enjoyable musicality that demonstrates why Chopin's etudes are no mere exercises and are as suited to the recital hall as to the practice room. The Op. 25 No. 5 Etude in E minor has some tricky finger acrobatics in it, but Pollini brings out a singing melody all the same in the middle section, while adding a bit of dancing animation to the outer sections. The melody of the famous Etude No. 3 in E major is lyrical and warm, which highlights precisely the challenge posed by Chopin in these brief pieces: bring out an effective melody while mastering an exact technique through repetition. The recording also shows why Pollini is one of the most respected Chopin interpreters of all time.

1. 12 Etudes Op.10: No. 1 C-dur: Allegro

2. 12 Etudes Op.10: No. 2 a-moll: Allegro

3. 12 Etudes Op.10: No. 3 E-dur: Lento, ma non troppo

4. 12 Etudes Op.10: No. 4 cis-moll: Presto

5. 12 Etudes Op.10: No. 5 Ges-dur: Vivace

6. 12 Etudes Op.10: No. 6 es-moll: Andante

7. 12 Etudes Op.10: No. 7 C-dur: Vivace

8. 12 Etudes Op.10: No. 8 F-dur: Allegro

9. 12 Etudes Op.10: No. 9 f-moll: Allegro, molto agitato

10. 12 Etudes Op.10: No. 10 As-dur: Vivace assai

11. 12 Etudes Op.10: No. 11 Es-dur: Allegretto

12. 12 Etudes Op.10: No. 12 c-moll: Allegro con fuoco

13. 12 Etudes Op.25: No. 1 As-dur: Allegro sostenuto

14. 12 Etudes Op.25: No. 2 f-moll: Presto

15. 12 Etudes Op.25: No. 3 F-dur: Allegro

16. 12 Etudes Op.25: No. 4 a-moll: Agitato

17. 12 Etudes Op.25: No. 5 e-moll: Vivace

18. 12 Etudes Op.25: No. 6 gis-moll: Allegro

19. 12 Etudes Op.25: No. 7 cis-moll: Lento

20. 12 Etudes Op.25: No. 8 Des-dur: Vivace

21. 12 Etudes Op.25: No. 9 Ges-dur: Allegro assai

22. 12 Etudes Op.25: No. 10 h-moll: Allegro con fuoco

23. 12 Etudes Op.25: No. 11 a-moll: Lento - Allegro con brio

24. 12 Etudes Op.25: No. 12 c-moll: Molto allegro, con fuoco

DISCLAIMER: I don't own any rights to any and all materials used in this video.
Any and all rights to materials used in this video belong to Frederic Chopin, Maurizio Pollini and/or Deutsche Grammophon


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