Mike Klonsky-jew (Wiki Sanitized) Grandson of Rabbi & jewess Bernardine Ohrnstein Dohrn 1969

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Link showing Michael Klonsky\'s (2014 commie) father Robert was the son of a rabbi.  Michael Klonsky has sanitized his Wiki, as has jewess Dohrn and/or her present day commie/Industrial Workers of The World supporters. http://keywiki.org/Robert_Klonsky
Notice how, even in \'69, jews were too-clever-by-half using the word \"democracy\" in White-genociding org names to impute the patina of \"goodness\" and \"Westernism\" in the gullible minds of Whites.

Rare footage of 1969 interview with Michael Klonsky and Bernardine Dohrn, leaders of the Students for a Democratic Society (SDS) organization.

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