Michelle Obama goes out for dinner in New York City

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We saw her big ass at least

Michelle Obama treats mom to swanky NYC outing; where are the ‘black brunch’ protests?

Michelle Obama decided to start celebrating Mother’s Day early with a trip Saturday to a swanky New York City eatery.

Secret Service flanked the first lady and her mother, Marian Robinson, as they hit celebrity chef Mario Batali’s Lupa restaurant and enjoyed a five-course meal. The food looked nothing like the slop Obama wants to serve America’s school children.

The meals the pair indulged in start at $65 per person with an additional $49 to add wine.

Michelle Obama Marian Robinson

Photo credit Lawrence Schwartzwald / Splash News.


Photo credit Google Earth.

But when word got out that they were there, local residents clamored to get a glimpse of the pair.

Like peasants trying to catch a peek of royalty, the “99 percent” who live above and around the restaurant ran to their fire escapes to see if they could get a look.

Outrage! Judge hammers white victims of armed home invasion for racism, lets criminal go free.

Secret Service

Photo credit Lawrence Schwartzwald / Splash News.

Secret Service

Photo credit Lawrence Schwartzwald / Splash News.

Interestingly, the “Black Lives Matter”crowd didn’t interrupt this lunch.

Mario Batali

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