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No human on the planet should have more than $5 million in total assets.  This is the inevitable evolutionary cycle which we must make happen now.

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    Lynn Tilton: Is She Really A Billionaire?
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    One of Tilton’s favorite stepchildren is MD Helicopters, the aircraft maker founded by Howard Hughes, where she serves as CEO. If a recent story in Chief Executive magazine is to be believed, however, MD has only had one good year—in 2008—since she bought it in 2005. “If we execute on the contract we’re in,” Tilton told me, “that company is worth a billion dollars and I own all of that.”

    Well, not quite—at least on the samolian front. MD recently got a new $186 million military contract and an agreement with Boeing to produce fuselages. Tilton characterized the deal as “54 orders to date.” A quick look at the government award notice shows six helicopter orders, and options to purchase 48 more. Impossible to value this one—and many other private companies in her portfolio, given the pall of darkness over finances and precise ownership.

    “FORBES makes a lot of trouble for people,” Tilton said to me in our last interview. “I have been so open with you—and I hope I don’t live to regret it.”

    Based on the information Tilton provided, and some of our own digging, we think she’s probably worth at least $830 million. udreau/2011/04/11/lynn-tilton-is-she-really-a -billionaire/3/
    But, given all that former employees have told us about Tilton, the downgrades of her most recent funds (impacting her ability to raise more capital) and the outstanding legal claims against her, we’re not completely confident of that number.

    One thing we are sure about: We’ll be watching.

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    Early life and career[edit]
    Tilton was born in The Bronx.[2] Her father, Jerry Garfinkle, a tough New York City schoolteacher and a strong influence on her. He died of a brain tumor during her junior year in college.[7] She obtained a BA degree in American Studies from Yale University and an MBA degree in Finance from Columbia University.[8]

    Tilton began her career at Morgan Stanley in 1981. She also worked for Goldman, Sachs & Co. and Merrill Lynch as an investment banker until 1989. Prior to founding Patriarch Partners, Tilton was an executive at Long Drive Management Trust, a special situations investment fund, and Executive Managing Director of Papillon Partners, Inc., a firm which she founded to offer customized research, valuation and execution services to sellers of bank loans and high yield bonds. ton