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  • Uncle Bruce

    Thank you for speaking out. I have just found a new hero. Someone not afraid to speak with some common sense. Every word she says has truth in it but I would add that it's not just only black people, having respect and decency is a problem that all people are facing regardless of their color.

  • bus lady

    Very brave woman and hit nail on head. I know there has to be more realistic and savvy people out there including mom seen hitting son over head for getting involved. Thank you

  • Bo BO

    Battle Cat be tellin it like it is

  • Meme

    This woman was very brave. Kudos to her for speaking the truth.


    Hurray for this lady. She hits it right on the head but I think she left thing out. Black or white, we are all doing the same thing!! We coddle our kids, don't teach them respect or that if you act like an asshole, you're going to pay the consequences. Instead we make excuses for them, it must be because of this or that reason the disgusting shit happens. Come home to mommy or daddy and we'll understand and make it okay. And, by the way, thanks for the loot you brought home with you. It's about time we all started acting like parents and not their friend. My kids paid dearly for being jerks, theirs don't. I was considered a mean mother, not their t buddy. They want their kids to like them, LOL
    So they make excuses not consequences. The mother in Baltimore who went out in the crowd, grabbed her kid & whacked him, & drug him home is my hero. I wish there were many there more like her.

  • Cecil

    This lady has it right.

  • george

    Gosh, I sure hope she's a lot more aware of her surroundings outside after posting this. People have been killed in our inner cities for saying a lot less.
    Take care Lena!!

  • Wildman

    When I said "what" , to my mother, she knocked me off my chair head over heels. My father took off his belt and made me dance all the way to my room and back. When I try to correct my 7 yr old daughter, I am told I'm too harsh. She has no respect for her mother or me. Does whatever. My oldest daughter , whom I was never allowed to correct or spank is now in prison. What's wrong with this picture? Blame me if you want, she's still in there. Parent's need to be able to punish or do whatever it takes to get their kids attention. Any means necessary.

  • S.R. Hammersley

    I was raised in a small city and the street I lived on had 2 black families,one Jewish family,
    German families, Irish families, an American Indian family and who knows what the rest were. There is one thing for sure if we destroyed anyone's property , our mothers , grandmas or father's would have been after our bottoms with a switch and we would have had to make it right by replacing the destructed articles. There was very little destruction because we were taught to respect another's property. We were taught for every action there is a reaction. My grandmother switched me with a willow branch around my legs more then one time for wandering off way too far. Never left a mark physically or mentally......loved that lady and still do. Our parent were the authority 99% of the time. Never had a Children's Service call on our street. Yes, I know there is a need for Children's Services but parents should know they are in control. Some of those case managers never have had any children and I know there have a degree in that area, but good parenting is the answer.
    Parent teach your children how to behave in society, to survive and succeed.


    I was raised in a small city in Ohio on a street with 2 black families, several white families f German, Irish, what have you, American Indian family, Jewish family, you name it and they lived there in peace. If any of the children did something unruly, the Mom, Grandmas, or Dads switched our legs or may have paddled our bottoms. That was when the adults were in control of their own families. If we destroyed the neighbor's property, we were taken to them and had to apologize and work to restore what we destroyed. No Case Managers came to our home to tell you how to raise your children. Yes, I know there is a place for the Children's Services but families need to know they are allowed to control their own children's action with reasonable discipline. My grandma switched my legs with a willow switch more than one time for wandering off to far at the age of 6 yrs. Never left a mark and love and miss that woman everyday. People need to control their own children and teach them right from wrong. This woman is correct. The government raising our children and grandchildren is not working. PARENTS AND GRANDPARENTS START SAVING YOUR OFF SPRING TEACH THEM RIGHT FROM WRONG WITH TOUGH LOVE AND TENDERNESS NOT EXCUSES FOR BAD BEHAVIORS.

    that woman and still do.

  • kdawg

    I'd call you honorable and courageous, Battle Cat!