Levin Show 4/9/18 - Mark Levin Show April 9,2018 Full Podcast

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Levin Show 4/9/18 - Mark Levin Show April 9,2018 Full Podcast
On Monday’s Mark Levin show, The FBI raided the office and home of President Trump’s private attorney Michael Cohen. This is a back door way to get his attorney client privilege files to get something on Trump and Russia. These are police state tactics adopted by the FBI. Andrew McCarthy calls in to explain why Mueller referred this raid to the southern district of NY. We have never seen a president treated this way, there’s no question now that the Democrat party and the media are trying to take down Trump. Mueller and his team won’t give up until they find a crime that he committed. America needs a president to focus on his job, how can he do that with this kind of investigation? It’s hard to get talented people to serve in his administration if they think they will have to lawyer up eventually. It’s time for Attorney General Jeff Sessions to step aside. The entire DOJ is out of control and it’s country first over any politician. Sessions recused himself over all matters Russia and what’s going on has nothing to do with Russia and he needs to take control. Finally, Col Richard Kemp calls is to discuss the latest in the middle east. The last response to deter Syria didn’t work and now the U.S. has no other option than to respond.

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