Levin Show 2/12/18 - Mark Levin Show February 12,2018 Full Podcast

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Levin Show 2/12/18 - Mark Levin Show February 12,2018 Full Podcast
On Monday’s Mark Levin Show, The Washington swamp has had a busy month with the budget, infrastructure, and amnesty. The budget passed is the swampiest swamp budget ever passed. Our military needed a shot in the arm after the Barack Obama/Mitch McConnell-led sequestration, but the vast majority of spending in the budget doesn’t go to the military. Both Republicans and Democrats are in unison, spending like drunken Marxists while using the military as an excuse to do it. Meanwhile, there is nothing conservative about spending $1.5 trillion for infrastructure, especially when it was only supposed to be $1 trillion. Also, President Trump and Republicans in Congress didn’t campaign on DACA, so why are they now pushing amnesty? People that aren’t supposed to be here are roaming the streets by the millions, and we have two parties that can’t wait to give them citizenship. We’re told amnesty is humane and compassionate, and if we disagree we’re told we’re inhumane. Later, The Tea Party isn’t dead, but they’ve been deceived and lied to by the Republicans. It can never be dead because it’s about liberty, the Constitution, and the founding principles of America. Progressives are dragging us to some finish line that fundamentally changes America, but they’ll never leave us alone because there’s no end to their ideas to impose on society. Finally, Iran sent a drone into Israel from Syria which led to Israel’s largest military response since 1982. America needs to start moving weaponry into the region in case all hell breaks loose, and if it does Iran must be defeated for America’s sake and for the sake of our allies. If we go to war someday with Iran, it will be because of the consequences of Obama’s deal with them.

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