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Levin Show 1/9/18 - Mark Levin Show January 9,2018 Full Podcast
On Tuesday’s Mark Levin show, Do you realize over the last half-century, every significant change in immigration policy has taken place without the support or affirmation of the American citizenry? We’ve been deceived about this over and over and over again by Democrats and Republicans alike. Not only is every single big immigration policy pursued without the support of the American people, it occurs often under the cover of darkness. It is both Republicans and Democrats who have pursued open-borders policies over the years. The Democrats want to destroy America but the Republicans have no excuse. What we need from the President and conservatives in Congress is for them to articulate a conservative position on immigration before we lose this country. The Democrats have boxed us in but we don’t have to be, as enforcing immigration policy has nothing to do with race. It is regrettable that Republican leadership is not making the case for republicanism and national sovereignty. Enforcing our immigration laws is not an alt-right position but an American position. In addition, the wall was Trump’s top issue, yet he is wavering, which is very concerning. Two parties are united against the people today. We have been losing our country since the 1965 Hart-Celler act and the Supreme Court decision in 1982 that allowed children of illegal immigrants to come to attend public school. Finally, Ron DeSantis calls in to about his run for Governor of Florida.

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