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Levin Show 12/5/17 - Mark Levin Show December 5,2017 Full Podcast
We are now seeing Robert Mueller, his staff and his investigation unravel more and more. First with the revelations of Peter Strzok and his anti-Trump texts. Strzok also threw the Hillary Clinton investigation and was in part responsible for opening up the Russia collusion investigation. Mueller and Strzok are undermining the credibility of law enforcement across the nation. Then we have Andrew Weissman who was general counsel to Mueller when he was FBI Director and was close to James Comey. Weissman has praised Sally Yates for defying a lawful executive immigration order by President Trump and maxed out on his donations to the Barack Obama and Hillary Clinton campaigns. The President is up against this out of control investigation team. After that, Bloomberg is reporting that Mueller has subpoenaed Trump’s Deutsche Bank records, yet Sarah Huckabee Sanders is saying this is not true. Whether it is true or not, what are Mueller’s intentions and under what authority is he able to subpoena these records? Later, Trump is poised to recognize Jerusalem as capital of Israel. Democrats and Republicans in the Oval office have done a fan dance for decades where they have pretended Jerusalem is not capital for decades. This is historic and will be remembered in the Middle East for centuries to come. When North Korea, Iran, and Venezuela tell us what their capitols are, we believe them. Why have we been afraid of the PLO or Hamas all these years? Finally, you have to conclude that Trump is the most conservative president since Ronald Reagan. He would like to build up the military and, would like to repeal Obamacare but the Democrats and some Republicans are blocking him. Trump is also trying to undo what Obama did with federal lands. He is doing the right thing, because he concludes that the principled, constitutional, and capitalist way is the right way.

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