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offer to create my new video sites w/your domain name idea & admin help

Hello. I am Craig Cobb. We are back online with the vbulletin forum. Content is king, so I need help.

To start things off, I hoisted some new video sites which are linked below. I'd appreciate it if you'd sign up for one or two and particicpate. Even your comments under the videos helps
to drive interest. 

Secondly, I can ask your counsel for proposed names of sites. Example: Let's say you like or . I can hoist the site and host it too. All you
have to do is buy it from godaddy I recommend the .xyz or .me , .us, .info. .org, etc for
cheapness. They are 99 cents to 2 , 3 or 4 bucks. Of course, .coms will
tend to get you higher ratings in the engines. .Mobi is good too, as google assigns them high ratings on their mobile search engine.

I have an unlimited license to build sites; however, I obviously can't violate my license. Therefore, I must keep the domains in my name. But you can have the pass to edit them as my
assistant...which will enable you to re-title You Tube vids to your liking. If enough people try it and like it, I think I/we together can build 500 to 1,000 video sites-- maybe even several

Back to details-- to put the site up, I have to pay the tech $10. Example: the chronology would be like this:
1. You propose a domain name (I'll be preferring the .coms as they travel far). I OK your name and we are in biz! 2. You buy it for 1 year from godaddy...just call their phone, they'll assist you in all things, including the instant transfer to me. 3. Send me $10 in the mail so I can pay the tech to put up the site ...yeah, I have done this before but am slow and don't like this work. This kid is super fast. But there will be a delay till your mail reaches me. Remember, I am paying the server hosting costs for the new site. 4. In most cases, the site will be up the day or the day after I get your $10 and the domain has been transferred to me. 5. Your total cost as low as $11 with a .xyz . .XYZ is being marketed to those three young gens too. So you'd stand to reach the young. 6. Also, you will be an official admin who can log onto the backend
of our site and upload You Tube vids, re-title them as you wish and even mass upload them. I will do the tech end of getting the API key from You Tube. Even I can do this.

Thx for reading. Here are the latest sites. I could sure use your help in linking to these and helping them climb the google rankings. You can do that for free. Link to them from Facebook, You Tube and Linkd In--there are high ratings...the stronger your link-from site, the better for these. Comment under the vids also, pls.
My address is Craig Cobb, P.O. Box 11, Sherwood, N.D. 58782

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