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I was honored this week to appear on the podcast of one of my own favorite writers, Jim Goad.

OG hater.

It was a fun time and unlike these other podcasts folks are doing these days, was not 4 hours long.

A straight up single hour.

I was like “wow, feels like we hardly even got started.”

However, this is in fact a better model for shows. At least a better default model. There are only very specific places where an individual can listen to a four hour podcast. Or a 2.5 hour podcast. You pretty much either have to work somewhere that allows you to listen to shows, or you have to have long commutes every day. Obviously, on the weekend, maybe people can fit this in while they’re engaging in some hobby in the garage or something.

Conversely, a one-hour podcast is perfect for the gym or the commute of a normal person.

Seriously, this model of “let’s just keep going lol” is okay for a few shows, but using that as the default model has gotten ridiculous.

I understand how it happens, that people just get into it and want to keep talking, but we need some more structure with this stuff. We need to streamline. This operation needs to get professional.

Get in the game.

Jim Goad is on Twitter.

He writes for TakiMag.

He’s led a pretty awesome life you can read about on his Wikipedia page. I don’t know if he endorses that telling of it. He’s written books. Redneck Manifesto is highly recommended.

He’s much more polite than the Israelis who are certainly much more polite than American Jews.

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