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 ANDREW ANGLIN WROTE: "He’s probably not “bisexual” in the way that we generally think of the term. He is simply a kike “humiliation sexual” – he gets off on humiliating non-Jews and it doesn’t matter if they’re male or female."



California Senate Kike Reprimanded for Predatory Hugging Behavior

Andrew Anglin
Daily Stormer
March 9, 2018

Focusing on the evil of the kikes, it is easy to forget how disgusting and perverted they are, and so it’s good that metooism brought us back to focusing on that important aspect of the Jewish problem.

In what context are you going to hear the term “predatory hugging” outside of the Jew context.

The sole purpose of this sort of thing is to make people feel uncomfortable. Jews engage in this sort of thing constantly. If you have ever been around Jews, you know that they use humor specifically to make you uncomfortable – they will say sick sexual things in a creepy way, often around old people, for example.

They need to be rounded up and turned into furniture and cleaning products, ASAP.

Fox News:

A Democrat in the California state Senate has been banned from embracing colleagues and other co-workers after a probe found him engaging in unwanted hugging and touching.

State Sen. Bob Hertzberg, D-Van Nuys, was the subject of a state Senate report released Thursday that details rampant sexual harassment in the Capitol in Sacramento.

The investigation, which included more than 30 interviews with 28 witnesses, examined four complaints dating to 2010, involving three female lawmakers and a male sergeant at arms.

Yeah, see.

He’s probably not “bisexual” in the way that we generally think of the term. He is simply a kike “humiliation sexual” – he gets off on humiliating non-Jews and it doesn’t matter if they’re male or female.

The report concluded that Hertzberg’s hugs made the colleagues uncomfortable, although they were not intended to be sexual.

Again – you can’t understand this unless you ask the Jewish question.

Is this desire to humiliate goyim, to make them feel uncomfortable on purpose, explicitly sexual? Probably not exactly, but there is no behavior in goyim society that can be directly compared to this Jew behavior.

You can either compare it to a sexual fetish (a basically kinda accurate over-simplification), or you can get big-brained about it and say something like this:

The Jew gets the same serotonin rush in his brain by humiliating a goyim that a white man gets by helping someone. If someone asks you for something simple, like directions, and you talk to them for a minute and explain it to you, and they thank you, your brain releases positive chemicals. You feel good about it. That is our evolutionary biology.

Jews have basically the reverse of this, where they get positive neurological rewards for making goyim feel weird or uncomfortable, because this is their own evolutionary biology.

What I’m trying to tell you is: these people are absolutely disgusting.

The report names none of the accusers, but former Republican Assemblywoman Linda Halderman has publicly accused Hertzberg of repeatedly hugging her for prolonged periods of time between 2010 and 2012. She asked him to stop at one point.

Halderman, 49, refused to cooperate with the inquiry regarding the allegations, but investigators still found that Hertzberg, 63, made her uncomfortable, although they noted they could not find evidence that the unwanted hugs continued after she asked to stop.

The investigators corroborated a complaint from a male sergeant at arms who said in 2016 the lawmaker was “grinding” against him in a manner that was uncomfortable and “offensive,” the San Francisco Chronicle reported.

The lawmaker’s behavior over the years earned him nicknames such as “Hugsberg” and “Huggy Bear” as he often greeted men and women alike with hugs.

The Senate Rules Committee formally reprimanded the lawmaker Tuesday, ordering him to “not initiate hugs” because such behavior was, at times, unwelcome. He will not face any disciplinary measure.

“I understand that I cannot control how a hug is received, and that not everyone has the ability to speak up about unwelcome behavior,” Hertzberg said in a statement. “It is my responsibility to be mindful of this, and to respect the Rules Committee’s request to not initiate hugs.”

It is only because he is a Jew that he is not simply being forced out of office over this. If a non-Jew was engaged in serial predatory hugging and appeared oblivious to the fact that it was making people uncomfortable over a period of years and refused to stop after multiple people had told him that they did not like it, he would not be given an official reprimand.

They would just say “you gotta go, we can’t have this sort of thing going on around here, bud.”

But again: a non-Jew would not be engaged in this behavior in the first place, unless he had some form of mental retardation, in which case people would understand what his thing w

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