Jew Blake Leibel Murder Case: Exclusive Crime Scene Photos Revealed

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The case of Blake Leibel, a 35-year-old Canadian man who has been charged with torturing, mutilating and killing his girlfriend in their Hollywood apartment, is explored with Mark Ebner & Joseph Scott Morgan. We look at gruesome new details that have emerged in the case, including exclusive photos from the crime scene, in this uncensored episode of Crime Time hosted by Allison Hope Weiner.

New York Times best selling author Mark Ebner is an award winning investigative journalist who has covered all aspects of celebrity and crime culture for Spy, Rolling Stone, Maxim, Details, Los Angeles, Premiere, Salon, Spin, Radar, Angeleno, The Daily,, and New Times among other national and international and internet publications. He has repeatedly positioned himself in harm’s way, conducting dozens of investigations into such subjects as Scientology, Pit Bull fighting in South Central Los Angeles, the Ku Klux Klan in Texas, celebrity stalkers, drug dealers, missing porn stars, sports groupies, mobsters, college suicides and Hepatitis C in Hollywood.

Joseph Scott Morgan became a death investigator with the Jefferson Parish Coroner’s Office in suburban New Orleans in 1987, the youngest medicolegal death investigator in the country. During the day, Morgan worked in the morgue, and at night investigated for the coroner. In 1992 Morgan became senior investigator with the Fulton County Medical Examiner’s Office in Atlanta. He is a professor, and the author of BLOOD BENEATH MY FEET.

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00:01 Welcoming Mark Ebner and Joseph Scott Morgan back to Crime Time.
01:50 Blake Leibel case overview.
03:33 Iana Kasian’s remains.
06:20 Leibel’s lifestyle and background.
06:40 Crime scene photos.
12:07 Blood at the crime scene.
20:00 Blood draining evidence and the connection to Leibel’s graphic novel.
24:00 Autopsy report on hold.
27:15 Leibel’s drug use and previous charges.
29:11 Leibel family problems and wealth.
35:40 Cody Leibel video.
39:30 Thank you and goodbye.

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