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The next day, according to prosecution, Ewing went to her regular Bible study class and told the host, a student named Erika Holub, that she murdered somebody



...Ewing, who was the top female in Virginia Tech's Corps of Cadets, had only met Shrestha three times before, a friend told a preliminary hearing last year.

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A trail of evidence presented on Thursday included several diary entries which showed Ewing was going to burn Shrestha’s body after killing her and worried what consequences she would face for the killing.

“Gasoline — must be done tonight!” one diary entry wrote.

Another said, “What the hell is my future going to be? an eternity in prison? Death penalty — off on insanity, mental what the f- — have you done for that god d--- — girl”

Her diary and cell phone were found at her parents’ home in Easton, Maryland.

A medical examiner’s autopsy determined that Shrestha’s cause of death was ligature strangulation, but Assistant Commonwealth’s Attorney Patrick Jensen made a point to differentiate it from strangulation, which is a blockage of the airway.

“Ligature strangulation involves the use of a foreign object and can result in an extended period of struggling,” he said. Claw marks and abrasions on Shrestha’s face and neck are consistent with that finding, he said.

Additional injuries showed that Shrestha had blunt force trauma to her head, upper and lower extremities.

“Ligature strangulation is a very deliberate and personal method of murder,” Pettitt said. “After eating the dinner that the victim prepared for her, Ewing pulled the ligature as Shrestha fought for her life, clawing at the ligature around her neck.”




Ewing is a senior at the school, double majoring in fisheries science and biological sciences. Brown graduated last August with a degree in interdisciplinary studies. teacher described Shrestha as a “faculty member’s dream” because of her love of learning.


The case began as a simple welfare check. Her parents, Dr. Manik Lal Shrestha and Mrs. Rajshree, last heard from their daughter on Friday. But they couldn’t reach her on Saturday. Police started a homicide investigation on Sunday, sending out an alert for a black 2004 Mercedes.

The car, which belonged to the victim, was found on Monday. Virginia Tech’s school newspaper Collegiate Times is reporting that Shrestha was found in the car with marks around her neck that indicated that she was strangled. Police have not confirmed that report.


Keifer Kyle Brown is accused of helping to conceal the victim's dead body. He was charged with accessory after the fact.FACEBOOK

Keifer Kyle Brown is accused of helping to conceal the victim's dead body. He was charged with accessory after the fact.




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CHRISTIANSBURG — After an eight-hour sentencing hearing Monday, Jessica Michelle Ewing, a former Virginia Tech student and Corps of Cadets member was sentenced to 45 years in prison for the 2014 killing of fellow student Samanata Shrestha.

Judge Robert Turk sentenced to Ewing to 80 years for first-degree murder and five years for transporting and concealing a body. After Ewing serves 45 years, the rest will be suspended, Turk ruled. She will be on probation for 20 years after her release. Ewing was facing a minimum of 20 years and up to life in prison on the first-degree murder charge.


Read more: Suspect in slaying had brush with the law in 2012


According to Ewing, the two met through school in the fall of 2013 and struck up conversations as they were waiting for their classes. Ewing was a fishery sciences and biology major, and Shrestha was a biology major.

During her testimony, Ewing walked the court through every detail of the night in question, saying that the two had planned a date night at Shrestha’s apartment, where they would cook dinner and hang out. However, the night didn’t go as planned and Ewing, who had spent hours getting ready for their “date,” was “disappointed” when she showed up wearing a dress with whipped cream and wine in hand, to find Shrestha in sweatpants and a casual shirt.

Shrestha eventually changed into a dress, which was later found with her body in the back seat of her Mercedes after she had been killed.

Despite the “off-putting mood” when Ewing arrived, they attempted to salvage the night and lighten the mood after dinner by trying to build a fort out of blankets and having a whipped cream fight. The two engaged in sexual activity after consuming a bottle of wine, according to Ewing’s testimony.

It was after that, when the two girls were lying down after their sexual activity, that Ewing made what she calls a “poor teasing comment” and called Shrestha a “spoiled b----.”

Shrestha retorted back, allegedly saying she was only “experimenting” and “toying” with Ewing, according to Ewing’s testimony. It was then that the two began physically fighting and Ewing “reached her arm around her neck and held it there,” strangling Shrestha with a chokehold, she testified.

A medical examiner had ruled that Shrestha had been killed by ligature strangulation, which is by a foreign object other than a body part. However, Daniel argued that no fibers were found on Shrestha’s neck, instead suggesting that Ewing’s story was accurate and a chokehold was used. The cause of Shrestha’s death was part of determining the guidelines for the years of her sentence.

“I loved Sam — I couldn’t believe she would say that I was some experiment to her,” Ewing said. “It hit me where I was most hurt.”




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Jessica Ewing


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