Jerry Lee Lewis style country piano tutorial with solo 39 and Holding

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* Take note - solo ideas begin at 10.30 for those of you comfortable with comping in country style piano.

Nick Tosches insightfully wrote that Jerry Lee Lewis swapped the music of sin (rock'n'roll) for the music of guilt (country). The aptly named Killer made some great records in the country idiom while retaining the flair that marked his trail-blazing early rock material. This tutorial centres around a later cut, "Thirty-Nine and Holding" on the Elektra label. The chords are typical for country - in the key of G with the 4 and 5 as well as 2-5-1 measures including the A7. Take note of the run ups and run downs in the left hand that enhance the emotive qualities of the song. The solo features many signature motifs of the Jerry Lee style: scale runs, riffs in sixths with tremolos, glissandos, liberal smatterings of suspended 2nd chords and blues type turnarounds. Watch Terry's playing as he varies it each time. Get these chops down and you can literally play thousands of country tunes. Enjoy!

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