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†™Chun Anti-Reality Cultists Lose Heads to Muzzie Anti-Reality Cultists

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Yes, they wear beards, and they audio dub their videos with Nasheed music, but ISIS fighters have never fired a single bullet at a Jew. They readily behead Muslims and Christians, but send their wounded to Israel to receive treatment so they can return back to Syria, Iraq, Libya and elsewhere to kill more Muslims and Christians. They may call themselves the Islamic State, but their Mossad affiliations are simply way too obvious to ignore.

Today, the Israeli Secret Intelligence Service released a video titled “A Message Signed with Blood to the Nation of the Cross“. The video starts off with masked fighters clad in black, marching 21 captives wearing orange jumpsuits along Wilāyat Tarābulus, on the shores of the Mediterranean Sea, near Tripoli, the capital of Libya.

After they make the captives kneel on the shore, it is revealed that they are the 21 kidnapped Egyptian Coptic Church followers who were vising Libya for work, and were captured there.

The chief executioner, distinguished from his all-black co-conspirators by wearing military fatigues and an olive-green balaclava, begins his speech. He speak English with an accent that I can’t quite pinpoint.

He begins by saying that this message is to show that the proxy fighters of Israel, (ie Islam), are ever nearer to the beaches of Rome, the Crusaders. He points out that the Isa of Islam is the Jesus of Christianity, suggesting that the “Crusaders” believe in the same prophet, only that Islam’s version of events is true, whereas the Christian’s is false.

The executioner then reveals himself as a dedicated Zionist by affirming the event everyone, but paid for shills, know has been fabricated – the dumping of Shaikh Usama bin Laden to the sea:

The sea that you have hidden Shaikh Usama in, we will mix it with your blood.

The language he uses to address Christians with is the same language one would find in The Talmud:

…breaking the cross, killing the swine, and abolishing jizya.


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