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Is AG Sessions unwittingly working for the Bush family?
This question has to be asked in light of Jeff Sessions actions and inactions as U.S. Attorney General
The incisive Facebook comment concerning Jeff Sessions I'm about to narrate was recently sent to SOTN unsolicited.  At first they disregarded it.  But then they carefully looked at the Attorney General’s 6 month progress report since his confirmation on February 8th.
Because of the unmitigated disaster that Jeff Sessions has turned out to be as AG, one wonders whether he was actually sent into the Trump camp early on as a Bush family plant. Climbing on board the Trump train as Sessions did so early in the campaign season never made any sense; just as Chris Christie and Rudy Giuliani never really made any sense being anywhere close to Trump, except as spies.
However, Sessions’ apparent intentions were — by far  — the easier to believe because he’s from the conservative Deep South and the very red state of Alabama.  His persona does not reek of betrayal like many of the others.  On the other hand Sessions has a deep streak of government overreach that even allows him to justify outright theft from the citizenry. 
In any event, Trump may very well have been trumped by way of a classic Bush dynasty dirty trick.  In light of what has transpired at the DOJ since his confirmation, it’s quite plausible that Sessions was sent in to infiltrate the Trump administration—plain and simple.  Whether this occurred witting or unwittingly, however, is the big question.
KEY POINT:  It was Sessions’ DOJ that just released a significantly redacted record of the talking points that were listed in the aftermath of the Bill Clinton-Loretta Lynch improper meeting on the tarmac. This type of official misconduct, which was rampant throughout the Obama administration, will never drain the swamp and only perpetuates the corruption.
There is no debate about what has gone on at Justice under Sessions as being nothing short of catastrophic for Team Trump.  However, it is what has not been implemented at the direction of the Attorney General that is even more disconcerting.  Where are the prosecutions of criminal VIPs?  Where are the warranted investigations into so much government criminality?
It’s like the swamp creatures have been allowed to take over the whole place … as the AG himself aggressively goes after medical marijuana?!
At this critical juncture (and late date), it really makes no difference whether Sessions is loyal or not to the POTUS.  He displays a high level of incompetence as AG and palpable apprehension toward draining the swamp.  Both of these profound deficits will prove to be fatal to Trump’s presidency.
The President simply cannot afford such a weak character in the most powerful law enforcement position in the land. And especially not when the West Wing has been overtaken by every kind of swamp monster.  Those agents of Deep State who aren’t swarming around the Oval Office are busy executing Soros’s Purple Revolution in the streets.
All the while AG Sessions seems to stand alone within the DOJ in his lip service to draining the swamp. Remember, the Bush political dynasty always seeks to control the opposition either covertly or overtly.  Hence, it’s entirely possible that good ole Jeff is a marionette on a string, and he doesn’t even know it.  That’s how the C.I.A. prefers to run such a critical psyop like this.  It’s always better to control the enemy through the agency of an inside dupe who doesn’t even know that he’s being managed. ...


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