How the Hippies live in the Forest.

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One good video about the hippie life. This free video was created for you by , and it can be re-used for free, under the creative commons license, with the attribution of as the original creator of this video about the hippie life.

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Different people have different ideas. The people on the edge of society have sometimes very interesting ideas. The people on the edge of society are forced to be creative, because they have less resources and options in the corrupted capitalism of monopolies. The hippies have created an alternative solution for the life on earth. The hippies work in groups of 100 people. They build small houses and they live in the large groups of 100 people. They build their housing. They build natural buildings. They cook food and they produce products that they sell to the other people in the cities.

The capitalism did fail many people who can not find a meaningful life inside of the large city, where the cost of life is too expensive. The hippies did find many solutions for the problems of society. In our capitalism society, we do not cooperate in a direct way. We compete for resources, because we do not share the products that we use. The hippies found out that it is more effective, if we use the products that are not personal and can be used by more than one person.

The society of the hippies is based on collaboration, self-organization, community discussions, the balance with nature and the personal freedom. The hippie economy can work, if the society is based on the deflationary economy, where every input into the economy can increase the value of the money for the participants of this system. In the inflation-based economy we all run against the time, because our state-controlled money does become less valuable with time. We work very hard, and then the inflation eats away the fruits of our work. The hippies do believe in the power of the deflation.

The economy that is based on collaboration is much better. The Internet is the network of collaboration. We create and we share the knowledge on the Internet. The system does grow with every new idea and knowledge. The Internet is expanding, because the Internet can increase the value of the network, when the people collaborate together. The sharing of information is very simple. It does not create any damage to the information. The hippies are trying to apply the same idea to the economy.

The hippies found a natural way to increase the economic value of their work. When we share the non-personal products with other people, then we increase the economic value of the product. The hippies do share a lot of things together, which makes them economically more effective. The hippies share their kitchen, their gardens, their production workshops, their bathrooms and their washing machines. The environmental impact of the hippie community is much more friendly to nature. The hippies do try to live in the balance with nature, they grow their own food and they build their houses with natural or recycled materials. There are many good ideas that we can learn from the hippies, and we can be very glad that they art part of our colorful world.

Thank you for supporting the creative commons movement !!

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