Homeland Security Firemen Part of Kwa Stasi-Democrat Gang Stalking-Woman Prepares to Film BEFORE He

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7. Here we are getting into our car as a Gang Stalking Oceanside Fire Truck passes by. The tactic Gang Stalking Oceanside Firemen use is called Same time Exit/Entry.

From a Nation of Change

Uniting To Transform Policing

“…we need an agenda to transform policing so police play a constructive role in the community.”

An agenda to transform policing must include:

“1: Body cameras on all police.”
“2: Empowered civilian review boards.”

“There are three things that are essential to make review boards effective (1) The power to initiate investigations of police on their own; (2) The power to subpoena witnesses to testify under oath; (3) The power to indict police officers who have committed crimes or abused their power.”

“3: Independent review of fatalities.”
“4: End of military surplus going to police.”

1. What is Going On:
Police, Firemen, EMS, Ambulance Drivers, Security Guards, Citizen Vigilantes - probably Our Neighborhood Watch Groups - are Gang Stalking average citizens.

2. The Tactic being Used Is Mobbing which is discussed in a new book by Oxford University Press: Mobbing Causes, Consequences and Solutions by Maureen Duffy and Len Sperry

The tactic is called mobbing/gang stalking.

3. What we are seeing is reminiscent of the blacklists of the McCarthy Era, RED Squads, and COINTELPRO.

4. George Bush rescinded anti-COINTELPRO legislation. Obama's Attorney General hasn’t written new Guidelines for the FBI opening the door for what we are seeing.

5. The ACLU says illegal police surveillance is going on in over thirty states. What we are seeing is a national problem that requires investigation by our intelligence committees.

6. Bush in Operation Tips tried to get Neighborhood Watch Groups involved in the War on Terror. What we are seeing is their involvement in Government Gang Stalking - that has nothing to do with terrorism, but rather, is an egregious abuse of government power.

7. The FBI is known for its use of conspicuous surveillance and that is what we are seeing where not only First Responders and Security Guards are Gang Stalking citizens, but also, Neighborhood Watch Groups using RED cars, RED trucks, wearing or carrying RED.

8. Colonel Anthony Shaffer who wrote Operation Dark Heart told Judge Napolitano on Freedom Watch that our Government uses Neuro-Linguistic Programming in its PSY-OPS program. One question the intelligence committees need to ask is why did so many firemen – who Gang Stalk – sign up for Neuro-Linguistic Programming Workshops where Anchoring – the technique that forms the core of Government Gang Stalking – is taught.

9. Techniques used in Government Gang Stalking are constant conspicuous surveillance, Shunning where neighbors are elicited to Gang Stalk to socially isolate targeted citizens, NOISE to harass using power equipment, mobbing in the targeted citizens workplace, even intimidation with dogs. This is a program of UNREMITTING HARASSMENT reminiscent of the Stasi in East Germany.

10. Video evidence of Government Gang Stalking can be found here.

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