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Jessica Chamber’s ex-boyfriend says her father, Ben Chambers Sr., is seriously racist against black people and that he was abusive towards Jessica.

Gotnews.com interviewed Jessica’s former boyfriend, Bryan Rudd, who is now living in Iowa. Chambers was burned alive in Courtland, Mississippi last month.

“I have no clue who did it,” says Rudd who says Jessica’s death “shocked the shit out of me.” “I wouldn’t begin to tell you who did it,” says Rudd.

Rudd says he hasn’t seen Jessica since he moved to Iowa in May 2013 but that his mother remained friendly with Jessica up until her death with Jessica staying with Rudd’s family for five months.

Rudd says Jessica told him she had been raped twice by black gangsters several years ago and that they are in prison now.

Rudd, who is black, says his relationship with Jessica’s father was strained because of Ben Chambers’ racism. “Her father was real racist,” says Rudd. “He used to always tell her ‘Jessica why you always with black people? Why you always with niggers? Why can’t you be with your own?'” Rudd says Chambers would take things from his daughter to punish her for dating outside of her race.

“He used to tell her ‘You can have anything you want baby doll, I got it. But as long as you with niggers Daddy won’t do nothing for you.'”

Rudd says that Jessica told him that her father had committed at least two homicides, including an ex-boyfriend of Jessica’s and Jessica’s uncle.

Ben Chambers Sr. had a meth lab and Jessica used to play with the bottles of meth, says Rudd. “She would sit in the shop and play with the bottles.” One day some Feds came and kicked in the door and took Chambers away, says Rudd.

After Chambers’ neighbor “Chicken”, a local meth dealer, was killed, Rudd says the rumor mill named Ben Sr. as the shooter. The murder of Chicken aka Taiwan Shavoco Obey Sr. remains unsolved, according to local media.

Rudd says that he and Jessica used to smoke weed but that he had heard from his mother that she was involved in harder drugs. Her father, Ben, was arrested for meth.

In a subsequent interview Rudd also said that he was surprised Jessica’s body was found in a white area.

Rudd is being falsely accused of being involved by several conservative websites, including ConservativeTreeHouse.com. Gotnews.com went to get his side of the story which he was eager to tell. Rudd says Chambers started going out with his best friend after he moved to Iowa and that his best friend was abusive toward Jessica. Several internet sites and Twitter accounts have blamed Rudd for mistreating Jessica but he says “they got me mixed up with him… but he in jail now.”

If you’d like to produce a transcript of that interview, please contact us at Gotnews.com.

We’ve reached out to Ben Chambers and we will update this post when and if we hear from him.


BY John Cardillo and Charles C. Johnson

An ATF agent and several Mississippi law enforcement sources point to white meth-dealing gangs as the culprit behind Jessica Chambers grisly murder.

The 19-teen-year-old Chambers of Courtland, Mississippi was burned alive in her car and died of her wounds in Panola County, Mississippi. Her murder has attracted national grassroots attention with hashtags like #JusticeForJessica but little mainstream press.

Gotnews.com has been digging on the case for the past few weeks. Contributor John Cardillo and editor-in-chief Charles C. Johnson have been working their sources in and out of Mississippi to find out what really happened.

“My sources inside state and federal law enforcement feel the Panola County Sheriff’s office is suffering from incompetence, fear, and possibly corruption. The investigation is incorrectly focusing on the Black gang community, when it should be focusing on White Supremacist and/or Outlaw Motorcycle Gangs with white power leanings,” says Cardillo.

Cardillo’s ATF sources confirm. Cardillo continued:

“Setting people on fire has been a common signature of both of the latter groups, and there are cases throughout MS and AL of women both white and black, who were in interracial relationships being assaulted and/or killed in the same way. Those who survived identified White Supremacist types as the assailants. Like Jessica Chambers, there was no sexual assault or theft of property. Vehicles and valuables were not taken. This indicates messaging. Chambers’ killer or killers were sending a message. Either about her being involved with Black men, or possibly to her family members who have a long history of White gang activity and involvement in the meth trade.”

The Panola County Sheriff’s Department is leading the investigation but other federal agencies have been called in, including ATF.

Johnson’s ATF sources confirm Cardillo’s sources.

Mississippi police authorities are also looking at Chambers’s family, especially her father’s connections to meth dealers in the area.

Chambers was arrested for meth in 2003 but he was quickly out on the streets and even got a subsequent DUI in 2005, according to the Panolian newspaper.



Chambers’s father, Ben, was well known in Courtland for his meth and crime connections.

Jessica Chambers’s friends tell Gotnews.com that her father strongly disapproved of his daughter dating black guys and punished her for dating them. Chambers routinely ran away to black friends’ houses throughout high school. (Gotnews.com will have more on what her ex-boyfriend and friends told us in subsequent posts.)

The website conservativetreehouse.com first published Chambers’s father’s criminal records.



Our investigator sources are also looking at whether or not Chambers was herself mixed up in the drug trade.

Jessica smoked marijuana and was said by friends to have moved on to harder drugs in recent months.

Embedded image permalink

Here’s something interesting.  According to the Panolian newspaper of criminal records published twice weekly (publish date Tuesday June 10, 2014), Jessica Lane Chambers was arrested for “simple assault” on June 2nd 2014.

Jessica arrest

However, we now have sources on the ground who have visited the Panola courthouse and there is no absolutely no record of Jessica being adjudicated for this offense, or any preceding offense, EVER.

On it’s face this simply means the DA’s office, which in this jurisdiction is District #17 led by DA John Champion, did not file criminal charges against Jessica Chambers for the “simple assault” charge she was arrested for.

In essence any case against her was dismissed without any judicial interaction.  (Jessica, born 2/2/95, was 19 at the time of arrest)

However, when you assemble this puzzle bit, along with other puzzle bits, you find something else.  The timing of this non-event seems to precede Jessica’s stay at the rehab facility Leah’s House.  Jessica’s father, Ben Chambers, works for the Panola County Sheriff’s Department in the vehicle maintenance section.

The victimology profile holds as much value as the physical evidence which remained at the scene.  It is by understanding the profile of the victim, that keen investigators can map out their approach in the social criminology profile.

jessica 7 DA John Champion

We know Jessica Chambers was a dependent victim.   Meaning she was essentially dependent on “others” for her daily life; she was not self sufficient.

She recently began working but she was financially dependent on “others”, and living back with Mom, Lisa Daugherty (formerly Lisa Chambers), as she engaged in day-to-day activity after leaving Leah’s House.

Despite Ben Chambers presentation of Jessica’s stay at Leah’s House as a “battered woman’s shelter”, we know that: a.) is not their function, and b.) was not the function of the rehab being carried out.  Leah’s House is a Christian-based facility for women who “have been incarcerated, deal with addictions, behavioral problems, self-harm, depression, and others“.

The programs at Leah’s House run from 90 days (minimum) to a year in duration.

Subsequently, using the least possible timeline we can infer Jessica was in treatment at least during July, August, and September of 2014 (or any three month period prior to November 2014).  During that tenure she wrote this letter to her niece:

jessica chambers 4

However, something else appears to have occurred during her stay, she started a new social media FaceBook page on August 25th, 2014 – perhaps representing a “born again” date.

Which might seem innocuous on it’s own until you connect a person she “friended”  after she created the page.

Jessica Facebook friended a FB friend called “Black Randy” who in turn “liked” Jessica’s facebook page. Black Randy is Randy A. Brassell, who is Kedrick Turner’s father (burgundy car guy from CCTV of M&M gas station).

So why is a 44 year old black male,  Randy A. Brassell, friending a 19-year-old Jessica while she’s away rehabbing?

This may again seem innocuous until you consider that on facebook, you can message privately once you’re friends.  Now, we don’t know if that’s the purpose for them becoming friends, but she certainly had to “accept” him as a friend.  Being Facebook friends is not automatic or the same as “following” someone on Facebook.   It takes active engagement by both parties to be friends.

I would note that Mr. Brassell’s overall profile shows him to be a person of considerable taste and affluence in a county which seemingly lacks financial accoutrements.

Black Randy (Randy A. Brassell), Kedrick Turner’s father, died August 30th -Five days after “friending” Jessica- in a single car accident on Hwy 35.  Which coincidentally is the same road as Jessicas’ brother, Ben Allen Chambers, Jr, when he was killed in a single car accident a few years earlier (05/07/2012).

Jessica chambers obit to brother

What does this indicate?  Well, staying away from supposition and just looking at this factually: Between the 5 days of Jessica creating her new and sparse Facebook page and Black Randy’s death, he found that page, liked it, and died.

However, it might perhaps indicate Jessica was still somehow still involved with some sketchy actors during her Leah’s House stay, and she might not have been as committed to rehab as her family would appreciate.

The other coincidence also naturally has to make a person wonder about these single car accidents on US-35 and whether…. that’s exactly what the conclusion would have been drawn were it not for Jessica’s fight, and still being alive when the fire department arrived at the scene of her car fire.

jessica chambers invest 9.1

jessica chambers invest 18 tow truck

Jessica Chambers invest 11jessica chambers invest 14

jessica chambers invest 12jessica chambers invest 13

jessica chambers invest 8

Enter our dear friend, and intrepid research analyst, Waltherppk, who focuses in on a specific element of the crime scene left behind by a seriously flawed (perhaps intentionally so) crime scene investigation – which took place in less than an hour, at night, and left behind parts of the 2005 Kia Rio from Jessica’s car found laying in the soil.

Specifically left in the rushed crime scene review was a broken windshield wiper.

herron road wiper 1

herron road wiper 2

herron road wiper 4


Unknown to WaltherPPK, and serendipitous for our purposes, we had previously been contacted by an experienced accident investigator who smelled something suspicious over two weeks ago with the presentation of the crime scene.  His concern caused him to contact us with his analysis of identified indicators – which would naturally go unnoticed to an untrained eye.

We filed it away because some additional information was needed to substantiate its value.  However, now is the time it reflects value.

Out of an abundance of caution we cannot reveal specific communication content, however, suffice to say according to an expert the overall scene appears “staged” as to create the impression of accidental loss of vehicular control and impact ignition.

An appearance  done by a person with some knowledge – yet rushed to conclusion leaving evidence of the staging which would be visible to an expert investigator in vehicular incidents.

chambers crime scene 9

chambers crime scene 8

chambers crime scene 2

It is quite possible that windshield wiper came off the vehicle as a consequence of a physical assault, and Jessica fighting back using any available weapon possible.

Did Jessica fight to live, and is now actually directing toward a message in her death.

Combine the value of Victimology to known physical evidence for a moment:

Those who have followed this case from day #1 will automatically understand that basic investigative practices were totally thrown out in this case.  The crime scene was not secured, the evidence was rushed to removal, the evidence itself was not escorted to storage, chain of custody principles were not followed, and far more.

Whether these were investigative mistakes as a result of poor standard and practices, or whether these mistakes carried an intentional fingerprint has been a considerable source of debate and contention.  However, recently some of the activity we have encountered during our research discussions, on these very pages, lends to an overall disposition of intentional misdirection.

Multiple new commentators have accepted no conversation other than a racially-based gang motive against Jessica Chambers.  Perhaps our prior analytical success is a risk.

Take all of the constructed elements and put them together.  Personally, the more we research, the further I move away from the opinion this was done by a gang as retaliation against Jessica’s involvement in some nefarious endeavor.

Look at this crime scene from a privacy standpoint:

herron road

Look at how close this crime scene is to the road.  While the roadway appears somewhat remote, it is not sparsely travelled.   This is not a location to do something “privately”, or with a confidence you would not be noticed around 7:45 to 8:00pm on a Saturday.

This location speaks to a person with a pre-established timeline in their psyche.  They knew they had to be fast, otherwise they would have chosen a far more private venue.

Now look at this location from the perspective your goal was to create the appearance of an accident.  Look again with new eyes and consider.

Ben Chambers brother, Lane Chambers, died under odd circumstances.  Ben Chambers eldest son, also died under seemingly odd circumstances.  Ben Chambers himself spent quite a bit of time in prison for his prior Meth manufacture/distribution bust, and running an automotive chop shop.  Yet somehow Ben Chambers found employment at the Sheriff’s Department.

Jessica Chambers was arrested by this same Sherriff’s office for “simple assault” against her step-brother; an arrest which seemingly disappeared and did not lead to adjudication.

Did Jessica Chambers make promises prior to, and after leaving, Leah’s House, that she held no strong disposition to keep?   Did Jessica receive the goodwill of a vehicle, a “fresh start”, and yet fall back upon a more seedy segment of society thereby not holding up her end of the bargain?

Was Jessica engaged in what would be considered “embarrassing or dangerous activity”?  Was Jessica a participant in the activity we have found to be rampant in and around the entire Memphis region?  Whether by choice, or merely trapped by her dependency?

jessica 7 DA John Champion

Who would know the aspects of Jessica’s behavior considered wrong? • Who benefits more from misdirection of motive toward gangs?   • Who would benefit more from a cleared crime scene not fully investigated?  • Who benefits more from DA champion and Sheriff Darby controlling the investigation?  • Who benefits from their statement “we don’t anticipate making any arrests“?    • Who benefits from the absence of sunlight? • Who benefits from the virtual lockdown on even the most basic of questions such as: Did an actual LEO ever respond to the crime scene on the night of the attack?  Why not?  • Who benefits from the glaringly obvious conflicts of interests, seemingly brushed aside.

Who has been controlling the information and lack thereof ?

Seriously, who?

No suspect should be “cleared” or “off the table” in this investigation.  Nobody.

ben chambers 3

Nobody !

… and the Panola DA, John Champion, along with the Panola Sheriff, Dennis Darby, need to be removed from investigative influence ASAP.   It’s past time for the Mississippi Bureau of Investigation to take over. http://theconservativetreehouse.com/2015/01/01/a-mississippi-burning-day-25-jessica-lane-chambers-case-open-discussionresearch-thread/

 Screen Shot 2014 12 27 at 10 08 12 AMScreen Shot 2014 12 27 at 2 02 11 PMScreen Shot 2014 12 27 at 2 02 00 PMScreen Shot 2014 12 27 at 2 01 48 PMScreen Shot 2014 12 27 at 2 01 20 PM

Screen Shot 2014 12 27 at 12 23 23 PM

Screen Shot 2014 12 27 at 6 31 30 AMScreen Shot 2014 12 27 at 12 23 23 PM

Screen Shot 2014 12 27 at 9 44 50 AMScreen Shot 2014 12 27 at 12 23 23 PM

Screen Shot 2014 12 27 at 12 23 23 PM

Screen Shot 2014 12 27 at 9 50 13 AMScreen Shot 2014 12 27 at 10 00 52 AM

Screen Shot 2014 12 27 at 10 02 20 AMScreen Shot 2014 12 27 at 12 23 23 PM



Screen Shot 2014 12 27 at 10 06 53 AM



Mudshark hoe nutbag Denise Tutor fantasizes the world is jealous of her George Mister, 44 year old nigger home invader, lmWao!:
Screen Shot 2014 12 27 at 10 14 20 AM

Screen Shot 2014 12 27 at 10 17 10 AM Screen Shot 2014 12 27 at 10 15 34 AM

Screen Shot 2014 12 27 at 10 19 57 AM

"How'd you know Jessica? Uh, she'uz a good friend" -WATCH DENISE TUTOR'S REACTION AT 51 TO 53 SECONDS. http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=nVjpiwgs6fc&feature=youtu.be

Denise Tutor pecks nigger gibberish
Screen Shot 2014 12 27 at 10 20 17 AM





Denise Tutor friend she has conversed with lately--he has made recent FB postings pvt 
Screen Shot 2014 12 27 at 10 26 24 AM

Screen Shot 2014 12 27 at 6 29 09 AM


 Screen Shot 2014 12 27 at 6 26 15 AM


Screen Shot 2014 12 27 at 6 26 01 AM

 Screen Shot 2014 12 27 at 6 25 49 AM


Screen Shot 2014 12 27 at 6 08 53 AM



Screen Shot 2014 12 26 at 4 09 52 AM

Screen Shot 2014 12 25 at 1 23 37 AM

 Screen Shot 2014 12 25 at 1 22 48 AMScreen Shot 2014 12 25 at 1 23 51 AM



Screen Shot 2014 12 25 at 1 27 30 AM

 Screen Shot 2014 12 25 at 1 39 57 AM

 Screen Shot 2014 12 25 at 2 33 39 AMScreen Shot 2014 12 25 at 2 28 30 AMScreen Shot 2014 12 25 at 2 31 17 AM


 Nationwide bangers monitoring his site (video)
Screen Shot 2014 12 25 at 2 42 57 AMScreen Shot 2014 12 25 at 2 36 40 AMScreen Shot 2014 12 25 at 2 42 07 AM
















Screen Shot 2014 12 25 at 2 49 36 AMScreen Shot 2014 12 25 at 2 48 34 AMScreen Shot 2014 12 25 at 2 46 35 AMScreen Shot 2014 12 25 at 7 24 36 AM










Screen Shot 2014 12 25 at 7 25 05 AM

Closeup of Jerrick Todd's prison 5%er right shoulder tat (using '7' and Allah symbology associated with 5%ers 'black gawds':

Screen Shot 2014 12 25 at 1 08 44 AM

Screen Shot 2014 12 24 at 12 01 50 PM

Screen Shot 2014 12 24 at 3 53 42 AM

 Screen Shot 2014 12 24 at 3 53 08 AM









9102szoter image

Screen Shot 2014 12 24 at 3 05 44 AM

9999szoter image

 3455szoter image


admin edit: Received a tip from Oxfore MS 26 mi from Batesville re this guy.  Have seen this FB before in my research; can't recall the context.  Anyway, now have his 1,861 FC "likes"- lotsa marijuana,  jesus, porno and big black booty pages.  

Screen Shot 2014 12 23 at 11 47 32 PM


Local resident Jerrick Todd publicly called for police officers, judges, and prosecutors to “burn on the banks of the Mississippi river.” This was posted after the murder of Jessica Chambers and greeted with 76 likes before he deleted it. Todd also had a drawing on his Facebook page joking about black on white sexual assault.

Another resident, identifying herself as Teanna Rudd, publicly called for the children of law enforcement to be raped and set on fire just one day before the murder of Jessica Chambers.

Some media outlets are now reporting that gang pictures from local residents are coming from “hacked social media accounts.” In fact, all the material is from public accounts that the users were sharing with the whole world.


Marry Kriztmess all you hoes & dawgz in Courtland, Mississippi!  I have a .gif fo' YOU, dass raht...I will soon be reviving the old "Temple of The Black Jesus' from the Way Back Machine and it will be up at http://podblancforum.com  You can come & wershit if U want and prey for more dope, pieces, burn ups or whatever yo' needs R!

I no sum of you are old scroll jheri curls and you PIEroh maniakz pro'ly put birthday candle on yo' treez.  Be careful!  Don't let yo' weaves burn up like Michaels Jacksons jheri curls did!  See you at Temple of the Black Jesus soon!
Screen Shot 2014 12 22 at 6 17 03 AM

 Screen Shot 2014 12 22 at 4 43 01 AM

 Screen Shot 2014 12 22 at 4 42 29 AM



Screen Shot 2014 12 22 at 4 42 14 AM

WAY more pics of aspiring rapper Brejuan Byers and Teanna Rudd here:

Mister Mister, watch out fo' yo' mud shark, bro!  Dat big moth stuoid beotch have done gone let her cell phone get hacked!  I think she's gonna turn on you dawgs.  Whatcha gonna do, George?  I think she will flip as soon as they lean on her.  What do you think? Whatever you do , DON"T HURT SWEETHEART DENISE  TUTOR, cuz she wil make sum otha nigah from anuthu mutha a FINE piece of ass fo' "muh dik." You know as well as I do, dat how can make $2,000-$3,000 a day if you turn her out in Memphis.  Jes' drive to da Memphis FBI.  Only 45 min away. You could tell them she did it, and you tried to stop her, but it was too late? You can then go back to Panola and run a country nightcrawler, minnow and beer shop till the end of your daze, and turn smack and ice undah the counter!

Screen Shot 2014 12 22 at 9 42 04 AM

Screen Shot 2014 12 22 at 9 08 57 AM

Screen Shot 2014 12 22 at 9 02 13 AM


Screen Shot 2014 12 22 at 9 28 35 AM

As A Young Boy in MS:

Brejuan Buyers Gas Man/Poor MS Delta Rapper Sees Elton John On Old BET Soul Train Reruns & Falls In Love- 




For people hitting this thread--it's 1:30PM Central, Sunday Dec 21...check back in about 60 to 90 minutes and I'll have a new thread with pics about 'Eric' 'Tray' Bibbs, Jessica's now-disappearing boyfriend. Neither of those are his names, lol.  Just nigger low-level, self-exoticizing AKAs.   http://www.podblanc.guru/tavian-bibbs-the-excellent-color-doesnt-matter-black-snake-adventures-of-crispy-critter-jessica-chambers_0c041c452.html


New piece on 44 year old banger George Mister, the geezer of Denise Tutor (both pictured below in this thread).  Before, he was charged with two counts aggravated assault for which he received 7 years and 5 years, 12 years total.  Maybe one of those was reduced from a violent home invasion, judging from a quick glance here.  Note that media is not and will not tell you these matters.  Why?  It reflects poorly on the aspiring rapper set?  The following is a very enjoyable read.  All you preachy anti-racist †™Chun Tunie Moms out there--wouldn't you be proud of your two decades effort to have your darling little dancer airhead with one of these beasties? Come on now-- of course you would.

Screen Shot 2014 12 21 at 1 08 47 PM

Screen Shot 2014 12 21 at 1 09 22 PM



Most extensive photo collection on the internet of Brejuan Byers and lover Teanna Rudd of Courtland, Mississippi:

Screen Shot 2014 12 21 at 6 51 13 AM

Screen Shot 2014 12 21 at 6 59 24 AM

Screen Shot 2014 12 20 at 1 42 13 PM

Screen Shot 2014 12 20 at 12 49 27 PM

Bottom line: unless white Hispanic Ted Cruz confesses to the killing of Chambers, expect this Mississippi burning story to die. Holder’s DOJ has no more interest in seeing it solved than do the media.
Read more at http://www.wnd.com/2014/12/why-media-arent-covering-white-teen-girls-murder/#DiHVlf2HG5WFloUf.99

Screen Shot 2014 12 20 at 9 50 46 AM

992765 Foto Flexer Photo

Screen Shot 2014 12 20 at 7 56 24 AM

podblanc guru george mister Foto Flexer Photo

podblanc guru brejuan buyers szoter image

This has come online very approx. 10:15pm Central Dec 19, 2104.  I somewhat doubt its trueness...not the lighter fluid part--it is the vapor that ignites, not the liquid.  So that could "fail" as a weapon in a strongly.contested attack.  But if there have been 4 other near-victims and kwaps have kept that silent--well, the dysgenic degeneracy of this country is even more advanced than previously.


Screen Shot 2014 12 19 at 10 20 57 PM

Young Batesville mudshark Denise Tutor shown here and lower in thread in red hoody with older alarmed-looking gro.
Screen Shot 2014 12 19 at 10 23 57 PM

Screen Shot 2014 12 19 at 10 24 22 PMScreen Shot 2014 12 19 at 8 10 31 PM

Screen Shot 2014 12 19 at 10 23 19 PM

My message left on Brejuan's You Tube channel (I am the first ever to comment on his vids):
Brejuan, your videos are fascinating. They will likely be very famous. Please contact me via http://podblanc.guru video website. I'd be honored to be the first one to interview you about the recent events in Courtland, Mississippi, and your personal thoughts on the Jessica Chambers immolation murder. Were you two acquainted or friends? Are reporters and FBI po pos bothering you now? ...I mean, about the BGD (Black Gang Disciples, 5%ers i.e., your being a Black God), the Michael Brown cop murder in Ferguson, MO, weed or other matters which are none of their business? I admire Minister Farrakhan in certain ways. I can relate! Honestly.

Just post a comment on any video at http://podblanc.guru -No registration is required. I will see it and get back to you by email, phone, Skype--even in person. Thank You. Peace out. -CC 

Screen Shot 2014 12 19 at 10 22 49 PM

JESSICA CHAMBERS: Teen Murdered Immediately After Local Blacks Called For Rape & Burning Of White Women


The truth about murder and race in Mississippi may prove reducible to black and white after all, as with fifty years ago in the infamous “Mississippi Burning” case.  Breaking, bombshell social media evidence in the Jessica Chambers case suggests the dynamic is reversed, but similar.

In trying to follow and sort out the details surrounding the grisly immolation death of the white former cheerleader two weeks ago, one encounters a cast of very shady characters a country mile long and wide, with the sordid backstory of small-town police corruption in Panola County, and a troubled family tale, all of it murky and convoluted almost beyond belief.

Nailing the actual guilty party, however, could turn out to be not all that complicated.  That’s because some black terrorists in the victim’s immediate circle have left a rather obvious trail of specific, racially-oriented murder threats.

One week before, and on just the day before Jessica Chambers was carjacked and burned to death, certain blacks among her intimate circle and acquaintance were involved in Facebook exchanges wherein calls for the rape and burnings of white women and children, especially the families of white police officers, were posted.  

Although not a police officer himself, Jessica Chambers’ father is an employee of the Panola County sheriff’s department, in the vehicle maintenance section.

You’ll need to grab a cup of coffee or an energy drink to slurp on, while you try to get a grip on what follows.

In the first Facebook comment in question, on November 30th, a woman using the name Teapooh Itiswatitis Latrice” reacts to a fake news story carrying the headline “Cop Shoots 1Yr Old Black Baby After Mistaking Pacifier For Gun.” (LMAO what incredible comprehension skills it has! -podblanc admin)

“Teapooh,” apparently not being very bright, looks to have shared the story without realizing it was actually absurd satire, typical of incendiary internet hoax sites.  In sharing the bogus article, “Teapooh” typed the comment, “Somebody need to rape all his kids in front of him then sit(sic) the house on fire an watch them burn….i bet he was a white man SAD”

She shared it via the Facebook timeline of a woman named Sandy Rudd (now please bear with me for a minute while I outline some crucial connections before giving you the rest of the specific, criminal threat).

Sandy Rudd is the aunt of Bryan Rudd, Jessica’s abusive, criminal ex-boyfriend and local gang member.  Sandy, who gave the false name of  “Cassandra Market” to a reporter in an interview, is herself alleged to be a member of at least one notorious criminal gang —  she denies it, even though at least one picture of her has surfaced showing her making gang signs in a group picture with others, all of them defiantly throwing gang signs.

Sandy Rudd acknowledges that she is the one at the gas station who asked Jessica Chambers for a cigarette, when Jessica is seen on the store surveillance video walking over to someone who is off-camera.

Jessica lived with Bryan Rudd and his mother, Theresa Rudd Fleming, for two years in the period leading up to her murder, before a brief stay in a Christian-run rehab/shelter for troubled women.  Bryan Rudd has since moved away, to Iowa.

Now get this:  “Teapooh” is, according to the “hacktivists” who have accessed various social media accounts of the people involved, actually Teanna Rudd, the wife or live-in girlfriend of a man named Brejuan Buyers.

Brejuan Buyers is the man seen on the gas station’s surveillance video with the gas can in the hours just prior to Jessica being burned over 98% of her body.  He rode with Sandy Rudd in her car to the gas station, on that same night the murder victim is seen at the store — while he is filling the gas can at the pump — only 90 minutes before she is found burned.

“Teapooh” made more than just that one murderous comment on Facebook.  On the day before Jessica’s murder, on December 5th,she shared a video via someone posting as “Derrick Jaxn” (Jessica’s last word, uttered to a first responder, is reported to have been “Eric” or “Derrick”). (Could the word, under those horrific conditions in which it was uttered, have been "Cedric"..the "E-uh" and "ric" sounds together? -podblanc admin)   The post was accompanied by her comment, “Somebody needs to rape all they(sic) kids in front of them then set them on fire there(sic) learn then white bitches need to be dead”

The clock is ticking, and the FBI was brought in to work on the case as of a few days ago.  Many persons of interest have been interviewed, and no arrests have been made.

Brejuan Buyers, the gangsta “gas can man,” can also be seen in two homemade videos here and here, getting high and hurling angry obscenities at whoever watches. (These vids were first discovered and embedded by podblanc.  At the time, Thursday, Dec. 18th, 2014, one video had three views and had been up since mid-April, 2014. -podblanc admin)

Incidentally, just because whichever authority initially declares some person to have been interviewed and “cleared” doesn’t necessarily mean that they won’t be implicated later on, upon further investigation/developments.

Gas station “owner” Ali Alsanai, about whom I’ve previously written, has now been said by the local District Attorney to be not officially suspected of any direct involvement in the case.  However he remains a very suspicious figure in all of this, to those who pay close attention to his story’s inconsistencies, his body language, outward displays, mannerisms, and deceptive speech patterns (for one thing, honest people don’t constantly use the phrase “to be honest with you” when answering questions).  In spite of his openly flashy gangsta-jihad persona, he’s definitely covering up some kind of illegal activity in and/or around the store.

In one interview, Alsanai blatantly and very casually contradicts himself on timeline details, and

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    If it weren't so affirmative actioned-up, and if I would't refuse to do it OR accept kwap money for it, the FBI could pay me for this research. Thx for your appreciation; means a lot. Really. I think there's a chance Darby and Champion may go down too. Hope so--just for the "no-gangs" lies these punk career Nancy girls told to the country, thus contributing to the anti-reality, dysgenic nonsense we see on TV , TV ads and movies that blacks are the most sparkling race on Earth

    Yeah, as you say--Jessica escaped. I first saw a pic of her as a 4 or 5 year old child a couple of days ago. I do think she had the basic genetics to have done much better. What is it they like to tell us--"she was just in the wrong place at the wrong time, a random crime", i.e. her one time/no karmic return (cause that doesn't exist either) incarnation. So that's why we have to prevent this whever our people are. No matter the system is purposely rigged to engender fear and economic/social reprisals for our speaking publicly. Thx again. If you are young or have young relatives, you do it or encourage to make one not too genetically different from Jessica.

  • Al Holder

    This killing has got to be solved. You're more competent than those Mississippi police I've seen interviewed. Panola county looks like hell on earth. At least Jessica Chambers escaped the place.

  • j carrol

    you are sick sick sick

  • Admin

    My message left on Brejuan's You Tube channel (I am the first ever to comment on his vids):
    Brejuan, your videos are fascinating. They will likely be very famous. Please contact me via http://podblanc.guru video website. I'd be honored to be the first one to interview you about the recent events in Courtland, Mississippi, and your personal thoughts on the Jessica Chambers immolation murder. Were you two acquainted or friends? Are reporters and FBI po pos bothering you now? ...I mean, about the BGD (Black Gang Disciples, 5%ers i.e., your being a Black God), the Michael Brown cop murder in Ferguson, MO, weed or other matters which are none of their business? I admire Minister Farrakhan in certain ways. I can relate! Honestly.

    Just post a comment on any video at http://podblanc.guru -No registration is required. I will see it and get back to you by email, phone, Skype--even in person. Thank You. Peace out. -CC