HD Historic Archival Stock Footage Alabama 1937 - Heart Of The Confederacy

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Alabama 1937 - Heart Of The Confederacy
High angle shot of downtown street scene of Montgomery Alabama 1937. Several views of Alabama's State Capitol building in Montgomery. Shows the Confederate Memorial Monument on north side of Capitol Hill. Image of southern gentleman of the confederacy (south) and southern belle (lady). Shows the six pointed brass star on the portico of Alabama's State Capitol building where Jefferson Davis took his oath of office as first President of the Confederacy in 1861. Shows the Confederate "White House" where Mr and Mrs Davis lived until the Confederacy Capitol was shifted to Richmond Virginia. Southern gentleman of the south pose with a group of southern ladies. Shows southern lady fashions of the 1800's, southern belle fashions. Looking down Dexter Ave is a public square found in many older American communities. Shows the fountain at Court Square in Montgomery, Alabama, with the Exchange Hotel in BG. Shows New Exchange Hotel in 1937. Scenes of the Union Stock Yards in Montgomery. Shows cattle entering and swimming through a "cattle dip vat". Large, adult female pig called a sow pig with nursing baby pigs or piglets.

Shows CCC workers (Civilian Conservation Corps) building a shelter (structure) in Chickasaw State Park in Marengo County. CCC workers in Valley Creek State Park in Perry County, Alabama. Auburn Alabama in the 1930's, street scene of Auburn and scenes of the Alabama Polytechnic Institute (now Auburn University). College students driving in motor cars of that era. College students in a 1920's open touring automobile (car) with Alpha Tau Omega fraternity symbol and other writing on side of car. Footage of man and women riding a "bicycle built for two" dressed in 1890's fashion, CU of couple on bicycle built for 2. Shows dog performing tricks, ringing bell to be fed, answering a telephone, and riding a velocipede (tricycle). Shows artist painting a scene in Chewacla State Park in Auburn Alabama. People riding horses on bridle trail. People riding bicycles on "bicycle trail" in state park. Scenes of Wright's Mill area in Chewacla State Park. Scenes of CCC workers building a dam in a state park. Shows Reserve Officers Training Corp unit at Alabama Polytechnic Institute in 1937. Female students at Alabama Polytechnic Institute feeding chickens and posing for pictures.

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