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An Australian daredevil has been pictured climbing on top of a dead whale as killer sharks circled to feast on the carcass.

Harrison Williams, from Perth, jumped off a boat and mounted the mammal, which already had bite-sized chunks of its flesh missing.

At least two tiger sharks, along with a great white shark, began to surround the adrenaline junkie, who insisted that he was only trying to see if he could help the animal, although it was already dead.

Reuters grab of Harrison Williams
Mr Williams said: 'My Mum thinks I'm an idiot, Dad's not too proud either'

"Mum thinks I'm an idiot, Dad's not too proud either," Mr Williams said after his encounter off the coast of Rottnest Island.

His stunt has been criticised by whale experts, who fear that other thrillseekers will try and get similar photographs out at sea.

After the stunt, he hopped off the whale carcass and returned to the boat

Will Jones told News.com.au: "No one's been daft enough to do it before, and hopefully they won't again."

Swimming close to whales in Australian waters – whether dead or alive – is illegal, the academic added.

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