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Great Patriot Joshua Bonehill Rings Khmer Rouge-Type Cultural Revolution Leftist-Fascist UK Maoists


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@Tom_Mendelsohn Here jew. It's a New Day Now. Read the jew chapter. 



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Joshua Bonehill calls up the Independent Newspaper for a second time demanding to know why they published a racist Anti-White article. Joshua was put through to a Jew at the Jewspaper Desk and was called "Rude". The paper will not explain their actions yet:



SURPRISE! Person Who Wrote “Ban White Men from British Universities” Article is a Jew

Michael Slay
Daily Stormer
March 29, 2015



tom mendelsohn

Subversive Jewish parasite Tom Mendelsohn thinks that Whites should be completely banished from all British Jewniversities.

Earlier today, we reported on how prominent British Jewspaper The Independentpublished an article which explicitly called for all White men to be banned from British universities. The article – titled “White men should never hold elected positions in British universities again” – demanded that all White men be banished from all positions of power and that White men “bow down” to women and subhuman mud races.

The article’s author was listed as “Anonymous”, but the article noted that the author was a “British journalist”. In our article, we stated that the author of the article was almost certainly a Jew.

Guess what?

The author of the article is now confirmed to be Tom Mendelsohn. And yes, Tom Mendelsohn is one of G-d’s chosen people.  Mendelsohn is a Yiddish surname.  Tom Mendelsohn admits to being a Jew on his Twitter feed, and he delights in the fact that people are calling him out on his Jewishness. 2015-03-28 2015-03-28 14-37-35

Is it ever NOT Jews writing these sorts of things? Ask yourself this, White man: why are Jews behind almost every single anti-White article, book, movie, TV show, organization, law, and ideology? Why do Jews label themselves “White” when it’s convenient for them, but then spew hatred against Whites by, for example, demanding that all Whites be banished from the universities that Jews run? Why is the SJW movement dominated so heavily by Jews, even though Jews are such a small portion of the population?

All of these things aren’t a coincidence, White man. The Jewish parasite is a hivemind, and it’s a hivemind that is absolutely determined to destroy Whites (the only race intelligent enough to pose a threat to Jewish power) and enslave everyone else under the iron fist of Jewish Bolshevism.

The hook-nosed vermin control the media in all White nations, and they will continue to use their control of the media in order to push an increasingly anti-White agenda.  That is, of course, unless Whites decide to rise up and finally expel the Jewish parasite once and for all.

Give this Tom Mendelsohn heeb a shout-out over at @Tom_Mendelsohn. Make sure to let him know that Whites are quickly waking up to the fact that Jews are responsible for the anti-White agenda.

The nation-wrecking Jewish swine are growing increasingly blatant in their anti-White rhetoric, as demonstrated quite well by this filthy yid’s article in The Independent.  How long will the Jews and the Jewish media be able to keep it up before Whites finally start to resist?

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    Lessons in how Jews talk:

    He says now at his Twitter: “Hi all, for the sake of argument, I’m not jewish.”

    It’s a confusing statement, meant to deceive. Many readers would read this sentence as “In case anybody wants to argue that I’m Jewish, I’m not.”

    But the literal meaning of the sentence is “Let’s posit/pretend for the moment that I’m not Jewish.”

    The sentence is constructed, very Talmudically, so that he can tell a lie without actually telling a lie. It uses the device of being ambiguous, similar to another type of statement, to create an impression of a thing though it does not actually state that thing. But the phrase literally means “Let’s pretend for the moment I’m not Jewish.” His intention is obfuscation, and misleading people without technically lying. A Jewish predilection. Jews do this all the time.

    To misdirect readers further away from his Jewishness he obtusely posts after that:

    “hello new followers. have you ever considered jesus as our lord and saviour?”

    This could, of course, be taken by readers to mean he’s Christian. But of course he’s just saying it as Jewish mockery. The grain of truth in the post, for him, is: “Now I expect to be attacked by non-Jews, about my Jewishness, which I can redefine here as ‘Christians,’ so I’ll post this sarcastic greeting for my expected attackers.” He also gets to mock Christians with this while create the impression he might be Christian. Sort of like that Jewish songwriter mocking Christians by posing as a Christian and singing rubbish in that 1960’s song “Spirit in the Sky.” Talking “as a Christian” to mock Christians. In typical Jewish fashion this Jew layers 2-3 lies in two short sentences while standing back behind tacit mockery.

    Sincerity and directness are the ways smoke out and flummox the insincerity of Jews. Taking them at their word and responding appropriately. So one could respond to him: “Are you saying you’re Christian? The post implies you are.” This would put him in an uncomfortable corner. If he says “No,” he’s exposed as a poser and liar. So his response would be, typically, to answer in another confusion way, appearing to say “Yes” but without actually saying yes.


    What is the justification for publishing as Anonymous? It can only be, it can ONLY be, to protect the Jewishness of the article. This is what tells us that this is not just a man’s random opinion, it is a war that the Independent is involved in, being waged directly against us by the Jews.


    The chutzpah of this JUDE parasite is astounding,it’s the filthy jew that should not be allowed positions of power you dirty Jude cunt!.


    The term Jew has nothing to do with religion and everything to do with race, nation and culture. It is an ethnic identification. As for their religion it centers on the Talmud, Zohar and Kabala and basicly those scriptures are satanism for Jews. What ever attention Jews pay to the old testament is overshadowed by their adherence to those other diabolical scriptures. As for the old testament it was only a beginning in terms of God trying to reveal himself to the Semites and the rest of humanity. It was not intended to be an end in itself. The new testament and the coming of the son of god to reveal himself and pay the price of sin for all humanity is what Christianity was all about. God and mankind were to be reconciled through Jesus Christ and through this humanity was to be redeemed and brought to a higher level of civilization. Unfortunately the Jews just couldn’t accept this and have not as a group progressed by becoming Christian. Gods Kingdom on earth went from the middle east to European nations and cultures that had already accepted the idea of a son of god in their
    pre-christian religious mythologies. Examples of a son of god would include Thor and Hercules in Norse and Greco- Roman Mythologies. The Jews for the most part just could not recognize or accept the son of god when he was manifested in the flesh. A God they could pay lip service to was not a threat to their political and religious power and world view. The real God who looks them in the eye and demands their repentance was intolerable to them so they killed him. The Jews didn’t kill him to achieve atonement for sin, they killed him because they didn’t want any competition with their power structure and supremacy. Now the sacrifice for the sins of all repentant humanity was achieved in spite of the motivations of the Jews and their diabolical spiritual father.

    The resurrection of Christ and his ascension pretty well made Judaism an obsolete religion that suffered a total loss of credibility. Christ offered pardon and eternal spiritual life for believers and the Jews and their Lucifer /Satan offered nothing but financial loss, slavery and death both in this world and the here after.
    The Jews were humiliated by God and his new followers in Christ and persecuted the church and all its followers even to this very day. Jews are behaving like Cain and Esau or worse. To add insult to injury the Muslims have been co opted by the Jews from time to time to persecute the church. The Armenian Genocide and the excesses of the FSA and ISIS are classic examples of Jew led or Jew sponsored anti christian terrorism and persecution.
    The most gruesome attacks on Christendom by Jews might include the Roman persecution of Christians, the financing and triggering of wars and revolutions in Europe and Eurasia against white Christian Europeans right to this very day. The Jews and their allies in Freemasonry have the blood of more than a hundred million white Christians on their hands. Even more in the non white world have perished due to the evil doctrines of Jewish Marxism put into action in Asia and Africa. Frankly the Jews as a people have disgraced themselves and are global enemy number one. If everyone realized this and acted on it I don’t think it would be safe to be a Jew of any sort. Good Jew, Bad Jew would be distinctions with out a difference once most people woke up and smelled the coffee. If it were possible that there were any Jews that were not involved in doing evil they would be wise to get out of sight and out of mind. Just leave before the masses get wise to the true situation because guilt or innocence means nothing when it comes to mob violence against a targeted pariah group.
    Example: Kristal Nacht.
    Jews would have done better if they had stayed in the middle east and became Christians.


    Replace white men with Jewish men

    And tweet it every were, we are the victim use it.

    Show them as the hypocrites they are.

    Say this is MY HOME LAND and MY PEOPLE BUILT IT.

    Again replace the words White Men with Jewish Men

    Throw it back in there face. Demand he be fired and fined with hate speech.

    Quite bitching and make money of there asses or get them fired


    Fandabadozy it’s people like him that make repugnant manjawed kikes like me ubiquitous on the tv.


    He is 100% cuck, whatever his genetics are.


    “Whites are (the only race intelligent enough to pose a threat to Jewish power) and enslave everyone else under the iron fist of Jewish Bolshevism” – but what about the Chinese who are supposed to have a higher IQ than whites? What do the Jews do about them?


      Chink IQ’s are lower than ours; around 100 in most studies, give or take. Plus they have no souls.


      Umm, if the middle easterners are asian according to European laws, then jews are asians. This helps explain why jews willingly sell america to china.


        And they arent smarter, i was advanced and i left school cause its propaganda for retards! SMart whites dont have to score on IQ tests because we are smart enough to know school is for mindless slaves. I was born knowing “history” being told to me by the morons around me is fake. thats pretty fuckin smart for a child! I excelled in all classes and got a B in history (when i skipped 3/4ths the year my final full year in 9th grade) Ever notice china licks their govt dicks 24/7? Smart whites dont worship govt retard education. We build the planet on ingenuity.


        It goes like this. Asia and Asians for the Asians. Africa and Africans for the Africans.
        Real white countries and white people for white people. Every race in its place! No problem!


          Cro-Magnon in North America and Europe, New Zealand/Australia
          Neanderthal in Middle East (jewz/arabs)
          Homo-erectus in Africa
          Mongols in Asia


      “Judeo-Bolshevism” is an oxymoron, retard. The Bolsheviks hated religion and preached the polar opposite of Judaism.


    Bizarre, when I read the article I was certain it was written by a woman. These people are spritually and psychologically twisted.



    today is my last day at the independent— Tom Mendelsohn (@Tom_Mendelsohn) March 27, 2015


    He is now denying he is a Jew, don’t think its helping the tribes poor me cause! But you are right, his surname is Jewish as is Mandelson another dark sith lord from the British labour party!

    Hi all, for the sake of argument, I'm not jewish— Tom Mendelsohn (@Tom_Mendelsohn) March 29, 2015


    Time for mobilisation me thinks!


    The jews need to be put in the ovens


      The real bad ones perhaps but most of them could be deported to Israhell or Madagascar. We merely need to get them out of our face and out of our nations so that we can make things right for our people and their future.


      The jew is a filthy parasite, he goes where the money is. That’s why there are more jews in the Jewnited States than in Israhell.


    Jew or not a jew he is a jew in outlook and that is enough (even though the last name Mendelsohn, screams jew; ‘Mendel’ give me a break.. so jewey!). Hitler played nice with the jews, and this is what we got. Next time all male jews will be having their balls removed and will be forced into sweeping streets and cleaning toilets until they expire.


    Mendelsohn denies he is Jewish. See the comments thread of this article:

    He states: “It’s a Jewish name, but I’m not Jewish. Lithuanian, as it happens.”

    A lot of people who have Jewish ancestry say things like this. He might not be a Jew, but given his surname and his admission that his ancestry is Lithuanian, I would think there is a high probability he is Jewish by ancestry and thus a crypto-Jew at the least.


    In the Netherlands we have the Anti-Black-Peter movement, which is supossedly a mostly black group that hates Black Peter because it’s a racist stereotype.. yada yada.

    Now, when I and others did the research on who is behind the movement we discovered that about 1/3 of those people where Jewish. (Little over 1/3 black and little under 1/3 white Marxists)

    There are about 50.000 thousand Jews on a population of about 17 million citizens with a Dutch passport, which means that a group of people who are about 1 in 340, are actually 1 in 3 in the Anti-Black-Peter movement!

    In my opinion: The first step in creating a healthy and independent Europe is by completely removing the influence of Jewry from the Western world. (including the colonies) Just by removing the 50.000 Jews from the Netherlands and creating a few laws that decreases their influence, we will see an almost complete collapse of feminist, marxist, neoconservative, libertarian and hedonistic influence on Dutch society.


    I’m sure we could have guessed such an article would be written by a jew.

    Now here’s where it gets interesting: oblige him, white man. Unless you’re going into medicine, engineering / STEM fields, there’s no reason to attend a modern university. The current economy is going to go haywire in the not-too-distant future, and white men who have actual trades skills will be among the few with anything to trade. Further, you won’t be saddles with overbearing debt, and therefore more free to go where the work is if you need to.

    College for whites is primarily a tool the jew uses to force us into the system. We come out with a degree of sorts, massive debt, and have to take whatever two-bit job the jew will let us have whilst he lavishes muds and women with make-work positions that pay handsomely, even while they have had to pay less than us, or none at all, for their degrees. So walk away. When currency is inflated beyond the point of functionality, no one is going to be willing to part with any of the staples of life for consulting from a “corporate diversity and gender relations liaison”, but they’ll still need their cars fixed, homes repaired, etc.