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This is a video dedicated to all of the millions of young, White men that died in WWI. World War I is often overlooked in lieu of World War 2 because of the historical figures associated with World War 2. An entire generation of young, White men from every Western country was lost in this terrible, but epic war.

This video is NOT pro-Ally in any way shape or form. Just because the poet (Rudyard Kipling) is an Englishman and talking from his perspective, it does not automatically make this video pro-Ally. We cannot stress this enough. This is a video meant to mourn from a racial aspect rather than a nationality aspect. Millions of young, white men from every Western nation died in and on the battlefields and trenches of France and Belgium. An entire generation lost their lives, and those that were left behind in the ruins of what had once been their countries, communities, homes, and families - lost their innocence and youth. For both World Wars, from a racial aspect rather than a petty nationality aspect, there was no winner. Only losers. This video is meant to commemorate this.

It was truly a 50/50 effort. Our best friend compiled the clips and helped evalion place them at the right times and gave us the idea. Evalion just wrote the script, did the voice over and edited it. Cheers to wonderful female friends! Who stick together instead of tearing each other down like women's march does.

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