Eugenics and Selective Breeding: key to achieving racial divinity & purity

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Eugenics and Selective Breeding: the key to achieving racial divinity & purity. With every new generation coming via selective breeding, the DNA/genetic purity increases.
The survival of Caucasian/Caucasoid/Aryan racial groups depends on social engineering, selective breeding & Eugenics. It's specially a dire need for India which was made to be a multi-racial melting pot,a safe heaven for ape-races(Austro-munda-wedoid-mongoloids) that breed like roaches. And,all these filth coming out of Indian border to pollute beautiful Aryan races across all neighboring nations. (Pakistan,Kashmir,afghan,Punjabi etc.)

Islam preaches 'one united ummah" which must be shunned. The caste system or Hindu-Varna is a total bluff as well. In reality, it's the reason for race mixing in the subcontinent,as Hindu-varnas/castes are not based on race but professions only. So it was a deadly wrong system to follow. Our identity is our race only! not man made religions/nationalities.
The once beautiful,civilized,strong indo-aryan/indo-Caucasian master race was made to become a subhuman infested cesspool that is today's 'India'. It only proves us:
"Race mixing with inferior races is DEATH!, for superiors BUT upgrades for inferiors". So, it's superior's duty/urge to protect/segregate themselves.

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