Scientology-Like AWOL & Elite Push Review: Scam to Empty Your Wallet or is Elite Push Legit?

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Watch this Elite Push Scam Review before you join!
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Have you seen the flashy Elite Push recruiting videos on your Facebook feed yet? They're the ones shot from a lush, white mansion with the young entrepreneur welcoming you at the door telling you how his system took him from working in a coffee shop to having the riches you see in the video. These videos were all over my Facebook feed, but surprisingly I couldn't find an Elite Push review online to research.

That's why I decided to publish an Elite Push review myself. I wanted there to be an article online that showed what goes on just after you enroll into the Elite Push & AWOL Academy hype.

This Elite Push review goes past the mansion and sports cars and shows you all the AWOL Academy upsells that they hit you with once you enroll. How much will it really cost you to get all the training Elite Push & AWOL Academy promise? Is the Elite Push & AWOL Academy training worth it?

Before Elite Push and AWOL Academy empty your wallet, you're going to want to watch this Elite Push review video and go behind the curtain to the truth behind the hype.

Elite Push Review - AWOL Academy Will Empty Your Wallet

When I first heard of the upsells attached to Elite Push, I honestly thought they were being exaggerated.

I can understand losing a couple hundred dollars trying to join a program that doesn't work for you, but the crazy $10,000 number I kept seeing in Facebook comments seems like just another disgruntled person angry that they didn't get rich overnight.

Then I got to see first hand just how the Elite Push & AWOL Academy operation works.

Elite Push rolls out a series of products for you, each one more expensive than the last, so that by the time you've finally gotten to the training you expected, you've spent THOUSANDS.

This is truly something you need to see for yourself to believe. The following short video is a real eye opener. See for yourself the outrageous price tags behind their training.

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