During the Super Bowl, Beware *Possible* Islamophobia | 'We Live In Constant Apprehension'

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The Reuters article: http://reut.rs/2nBPEZd

Michael Bennett lies about Las Vegas police: https://youtu.be/CXMznHCCcSM
The Seahawks defend him: http://bit.ly/2nFD5Mb
84 Lumber 2017 Super Bowl ad: https://youtu.be/nPo2B-vjZ28
AirBnB 2017 Super Bowl ad: https://youtu.be/yetFk7QoSck
Audi 2017 Super Bowl ad: https://youtu.be/G6u10YPk_34
Dar Al Farooq ‘burglary’: https://youtu.be/5X0cBYzWuCo
Dar Al Farooq GoFundMe: http://bit.ly/2l2dRJM
Light Sentences For 2 Men Who Cooperated In ISIS Case: http://cbsloc.al/2nxGb4S
Rattled by hate incidents here and abroad, Minnesota Muslims take new precautions: http://strib.mn/2nz15Rh

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