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Matthew “Pedo- Provider” Prince and the Plan to Put a Jew Council in Charge of Internet Speech

Andrew Anglin
Daily Stormer
August 23, 2017


Cloudflare CEO Matthew Prince visits his friends at the totally morally-defensible “Young City” pedophile site he protects from DDoS attacks.

When Namecheap pulled our site and then issued a partial apology, I think they meant it. That is to say, they were genuinely sorry for all the money they are going to lose for being known as a company that believes it has the moral authority to kick people off of the internet for politically incorrect humor and extreme opinions.

What the pedo-provider Matthew Prince, CEO of Cloudflare is doing is something altogether different.

What he did was smart. Or rather, clever.

He first wrote a memo saying he banned Daily Stormer arbitrarily because he was in a bad mood and he thinks we’re assholes. Then he leaked that to Gizmodo (I assume he did, or at the very least knew someone else would).


Then he gave a weird statement on his blog about how he shut us down because we said he was a Nazi. He gave no source on that. It’s a nonsensical “reason” even if it’s true (it’s possible it could have been written somewhere as a joke in the history of this site, but I certainly don’t remember it and it is definitely the kind of claim that needs to be sourced).

Now, he is doing a media tour, where he starts out by saying “maybe I was wrong… I have too much power.” It’s meant to put you off. This “oh I am but a humble man” bit. If he was really genuinely concerned about free speech, he wouldn’t have banned me in the first place. And if he was genuinely regretting it, he would simply admit he made a mistake and offer to allow me back on his services.

But no. After greasing you up with the “humble man” shtick, he begins talking about how maybe the government needs to regulate speech on the internet. But then, in every interview I’ve read (5-6 of them) he pivots into  – “oh or maybe some kind of body of people who are not the government, but where there are representatives from both the SPLC and the EFF, and it is decided what people are allowed to say and what they are not allowed to say.”


A Jewish council in charge of regulating speech on the internet.

Geek Wire:

I am not sure whether what we did with respect to The Daily Stormer was the right decision but I am extremely happy that we’re at least having a conversation about it now. Whatever policy we end up with after this is all done, hopefully it has more legitimacy because it wasn’t decided, you know in a room in CloudFlare’s office by a handful of our executives. It was decided in consultation with our customers, internet content creators, internet consumers, civil society organizations ranging from the EFF and the ACLU on one side to the Southern Poverty Law Center on the other. Just the mere act of having that conversation makes the policy more transparent and if it is more transparent it has more legitimacy.

Along with an endless stream of interviews with anyone who calls him, he wrote an article about this yesterday for the Wall Street Journal.

In it, he claims that I am the single exception – implying that he is going to keep protecting pedophiles. Because he’s totally neutral – except for politically incorrect fat jokes by evil Nazi racist White Supremacist skin-color-haters.

Before terminating the Daily Stormer, Cloudflare’s policy had been to stay neutral to the content that used our network. We’d comply with the law in the jurisdictions where we operate, but we wouldn’t bow to political or public pressure to boot anyone off our network. And make no mistake, there is pressure: Hackers actually tweeted to us asking that we get out of the way so they could take down the Daily Stormer.

When standing up to government requests or angry Twitter demands to silence unpopular speech, it was powerful to be able to say we’d never terminated a customer due to political pressure. I’m not sure we can say that anymore.

I’d like to fall back on the First Amendment. I’m the son of a journalist. I grew up with discussions around the dinner table on the importance of freedom of speech. But the First Amendment doesn’t compel private companies to let anyone broadcast on their platforms. Moreover, Cloudflare operates infrastructure in 70 countries, few of which have anything approaching American-style speech protections.

Yet in all nations, there is (or should be) a reasonable expectation of due process. It is the idea that no one is penalized without first receiving a fair hearing and a fair shake. In civilized societies, the law is applied equally by independent decision makers, not capriciously by mobs and tyrants.

Did we meet the standard of due process in this case? I worry we didn’t. And at some level I’m not sure we ever could. It doesn’t sit right to have a private company, invisible but ubiquitous, making editorial decisions about what can and cannot be online. The pre-internet analogy would be if Ma Bell listened in on phone calls and could terminate your line if it didn’t like what you were talking about.

Cloudflare is an expert at stopping cyberattacks, but we do not have the expertise to pass judgment on which of our 20 trillion monthly internet requests is racist, reprehensible or offensive. Even if we could solve the technical challenge of filtering them out, hidden behind the scenes is a problem of political legitimacy.

We’re going to have a long debate at Cloudflare to think these issues over. But terminating the Daily Stormer is likely to be the exception that proves the importance of content neutrality. My moral compass alone should not determine who gets to stay online.

This is the most hypocritical tripe I have ever bore witness to.

But here’s the thing, “Pedo-Provider”: The government already has a system to regulate speech. It’s called the United States Constitution.


Cloudflare very easily could have held the position that he will protect any speech protected by the First Amendment, and won’t budge on that. Now Prince has gotten himself into a situation where he is banning “Nazis” while protecting pedophiles.


But he says it’s not his job, he shouldn’t have to deal with the mob.

Well, okay.


The government should regulate him then. DDoS protection is now critical infrastructure. All critical infrastructure should be protected by the government. Steve Bannon said this before the shuttening happened, presumably because he was aware that it was already planned, by the SPLC, the ADL and the heads of tech companies (who also have a massive interest in squelching dissent). It was planned to find some OUTRAGEOUS soundbyte from the Daily Stormer, drum up a mob, demand I be shut down, set a precedent.

And you see, Prince of Pedos is a part of this plan.

He dropped us in the way he did – then did this whole “oh but I shouldn’t have this power” bit – in order to push the conversation toward this idea of some type of extra-governmental council to regulate speech on the internet. Because speech on the internet, apparently, is different than speech on the street, speech in print, speech anywhere else and it needs to be censored by an organization going beyond what applies to all other forms of speech.

Because after all, it’s all privately owned, goyim. If you wanted to have free speech on the internet, then you should have been a tech investor in the early 90s, so that you could now be a billionaire controlling one of the most powerful companies in the world.

The Good News

It didn’t work this time.

People are reacting extremely negatively to this, and if they keep pushing forward and continue pressuring companies to put me offline, there is going to be a revolt. They thought that they could do it to me, the most hated man (most hated because I am accused of being a hater, ironically), right in the wake of that road rage and/or automotive self-defense incident. But now, after I’ve been offline a week, people are like, “wait, hold on a second – what just happened? Did you just erase someone from the internet for their political beliefs? How is this real?”

I think we’re going to be back online, with our .com returned to us, relatively shortly.

Though I have criticized Alex Jones and Stefan Molyneux for not coming to my aid here – and I am utterly disgusted by this, frankly, because it isn’t “to my aid” it is “to the aid of the concept of free speech on the internet itself” – many, many others have.


Tucker Carlson did two pieces on it. The comments on the WSJ op-ed are vicious.

People are raising hell, because everyone knows this doesn’t stop at Daily Stormer. It goes to the rest of the far-right, then it goes to just normal Christians, and ultimately the internet is sanitized of everything to the right of hardcore Marxism.

However, this is all still coming.

Unless the government steps in and does what it should have done a long time ago and regulate Google and other fundamental infrastructure of the internet in the same way that it regulates every other public utility.

And Just to be Clear About Prince

It is technically possible that his goal with this whole circus show – and it was a circus show, “I woke up in a bad mood” is the stupidest bullshit I’ve heard yet – is to try and get government regulation, rather than an SPLC-run “watchdog” determining what is right and wrong think. However, if that were the case, I don’t know why he ever even would have mentioned the idea of an SPLC body.


Maybe he’s Machiavelli’s The Prince? Kinda doubt it tho. Most likely he’s just doing exactly what he’s been told to do by Jews.

If he is doing this to try and save free speech by pushing for government oversight of the tech industry, then he’s a real super-champ, because if he was smart enough to game all of that out, then he is smart enough to have gamed out the fact that I would bring up the pedophile thing.

We shall see.


one of my signature campaigns is going to now be pushing for the government to regulate these tech companies as public utilities.




Andrew Anglin
Daily Stormer
August 23, 2017




Tucker Carlson defended our right to free speech again last night, this time arguing with a homosexual lawyer who kept calling Cloudflare “Cloudfare.”

Gay bastard didn’t even know the name of the damn thing he was supporting – he just knew he liked the shuttening of the freedoms.

Tucker obviously understands the implications of what is happening here.

A lot of others do too.


This is going to have to be walked back.

Because the next thing that Tucker and others are going to begin calling for if it is not walked back is that ICANN be regulated by the government. And ICANN doesn’t want to be regulated by the government.

They pushed too far this time. People aren’t ready to accept the idea that individuals can simply be forced off the internet onto the pedoweb because a Twitter mob doesn’t like their ideas.

I am going to predict that the next registrar we get online with (which we are working on now) is going to hold. Especially after that shameful Namecheap apology, and the walking back that weirdo Prince has done over the last week since he banned me from Cloudflare.

People are seeing the power that these companies wield, and very few are comfortable with this idea that private corporations can simply deprive you of your rights to speech because they want to please a screeching mob of SJWs.

If they don’t, they’re going to learn that I also have a mob, and that I am going to make them uphold their own standards. If GoDaddy, Google and Cloudflare decide that they’re the morality police, then there is a lot of stuff they’re going to need to start banning


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