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Help your favorite humble correspondent keep his sorry excuse for a studio running - [w/ Federal Reserve Notes] ,


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The Host They Call Ghost is a fat, racist, alcoholic, Alex Jones wanna-be who runs his show, TRUE CAPITALIST RADIO, out of his Texas home trailer home, while claiming to have an actual "studio" from which he operates and has thousands of listeners THROUGHOUT THE WOOOOOORRRLLLLDDD!!! listening in on his broadcast. His show was previously called "True Conservative Radio", where he spewed out his extreme far-right views, projected his Internet Tough Guypersona, and raged at prank callers and liberals until he withdrew into an alcoholic coma for a few months because of his disgust with Sarah Palin being the face of the GOP. His show was reborn like an overweight, drunken phoenix stumbling out of Texan wildfire ashes as ""True Capitalist Radio"", where he spewed out his extreme far-right views, projected his Internet Tough Guy persona, suffered from a terminal case of USI and raged at prank callers and liberals. Only this time he now identified not as a conservative, but a "Capitalist", which basically meant that he was so far-right that he even scared the other BTR hosts. Despite trying to conduct a serious broadcast in an attempt to be emulate successful Conservative radio show hosts like Rush Limbaugh and Michael Savage, his Hulk-like temper and tendencies to rage at inane trolls instead derailed his show into a troll olympics where over 400 trolls competed to make him flip his shit. He can be considered more of a newfag's best friend than McKay Hatch and Alex Wuori integrated into some sort of ultimate lol-cow. Ghost's lack of radio and all around technical experience can be demonstrated by the fact that his show is hosted on BlogTalkRadio, the YouTube of radio blogging, and his reliance on a mentally disabled fellow Texan with an incomprehensible speech impediment known only as "The Engineer" who fails at both screening calls and phonetic pronunciation. Despite hosting his failure of a show since 2008, it was only in 2010 when his show was raided by 4chan did he finally received the fame he desperately deservedGhost temporarily rage quit his dead horse of a broadcast in 2012 when he became sober enough to wedge his fat folds from his out of his chair. Before returning in 2016, he had left behind a legacy of broadcasts filled with absurd rage-fueled rants and a goldmine of prank calls, a slew of hacked twitter accounts, and 2 followers who took his advice seriously consisting of Goofybone, an illiterate Mexican who ripped off his show and Karaszkun, an autistic manchild who Ghost fawned over. Truly, Ghost is the prognosticator of prognosticators.



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