China’s ACChain is Digitizing Physical Assets through ICO’s and World’s Grain Supply is Next (433)Featured video

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With the new grand solar minimum intensifying to the point of reducing crop production and raising global food prices, there is a race on to introduce a new digital monetary system as the old fiat money economy collapses due to doubling and tripling of food prices.

WanBi Exchange is already hosting Corn Coin, based on physical corn harvests, so it is beginning in earnest the digitization of ag commodities. The obvious next step in the chain of “Crypto Commodities” as I like to call it, Smart Contract usage and implementation for Bulk Ag acquisition and delivery will make the process seamless.

The ACC blockchain will issue the smart contract through NEO or itself (ACC), pay and take delivery of corn, wheat, soy, coffee etc.. using digitized medium, which it can slide sideways, to offering an ICO on each new shipment without having to exit their position or pay fees. Especially if it’s all encompassed on one blockchain that can create and implement every service from issuing tokens, listing on an exchange for usage of the tokens, create the smart contract, issue ICO tokens (NPC) for new delivery and clear new “Crypto Commodities” to the end user. One stop “vertical crypto behemoth”.

(PART 1) China’s ACC token to digitize ag commodities and all physical assets
6:15 ACC Logo symbology comparison to the 1988 Economist cover
7:32 Smart contracts
10:43 ACC Chain in depth explanation of digitizing assets (NPC) Node Primary Coin, ACC tokens
14:50 NPC Valuation
18:50 ACC tokens China Government and IMF
22:29 SRT Real Estate Token offering
26:59 Corn Coin, Digitizing corn reserves
28:21 Due Diligence on ACC
29:45 Quantum Communications
33:11 Tencent and centralized system of Chinese citizens Payment systems and social media
35:30 AllCoin Canada listing ACC Aug 2017

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Digitizing Tibetan Tea
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Real Estate Token
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Ning Hong Tea Token
Hua Yang Liquor Token
DaGuan Series Token
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