Breakdown of the block chain SDR: The one world currency / ACChain

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All Tangible Assets Must Be Digitized

A Blockchain based Chinese company known as ACChain has created a digital currency that represents physical assets.

To Learn More About What Blockchain is:Blockchain Technology is the Solution to Internet Censorship

FaceLikeTheSun does an amazing job digging in to this company, pointing out for example how a robotic arm (A.I.) sweeps away our versions of money and assets, ushering in a new era of digitalization. 

ACChain’s video shows each country having their own digital currency, being routed through ACChain’s centralized network. 

If China has been hoarding all of the gold and they decide to digitize it, what’s to say we don’t go back to the gold standard – with China issuing the nation’s their currency. 

A global digital quantum brain with A.I. at the helm nested within a Chinese supernode that oversees the flow of all trade and information.

“You will be the citizen (peerage) of digital kingdom after obtained the ‘registration chain’.” – DAO (Decentralized Autonomous Organization)

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