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 & Thus, Courtland MS Niggers Roll

According to researchers at the University of Bristol’s Gender and Violence Research Center the Islamic State (IS) militant group has kidnapped more than 2,500 non-Muslim women over the past month. Almost twice as many women are reported missing.

IS has also released a DIY pamphlet on how to treat and manage captured female sex slaves. It answers any questions a new owner of a sex slave may have.

A couple of points covered in the handbook are that a newly acquired slave can be raped right away if she’s a virgin, if not, then her uterus must first be cleansed. If the woman is underaged - read between the lines, a child - then she can be raped only if she appears to be ready. And what woman isn’t ready to be raped at the drop of a pair of pants?

Sex slaves may also be sold as long as they are not pregnant and those with blue eyes are highly valued. Sex slaves can also be beaten, but just not around the face. The handbook does not say that runaway slaves should be beaten, but are to be punished in whatever way would deter other female slaves from running away.

Sadly, as disturbing and abhorrent as this DIY handbook may be, it’s just one more thing ISIS has twisted beyond recognition in their representation of Islam.


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