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After my church was burned on March 22, 2017, I built video websites as a response. There is not enough time to maintain them all, so I am selling them for $40 each. These are working websites with videos. You will be able to influence people every day to our cause via your video site.

Fifteen dollars of the price is for my tech to move them to your server. As a condition of sale, you must keep them on Site Ground because that company is a reliable server for rightists (Daily Stormer has used them), and you have to click myself as the referrer, for which I will get a discount on my Site Ground account.

Further, I will give you pretty much unlimited telephone support for 30 days to talk you through the software clicks of operation. The support will also included details of the backlinks, timing patterns, and story-line keywords to drop your site into at least the google top 20-- and sometimes the google top 10-- for breaking stories. I have done this with podblanc for over a decade.

I wlll only sell to alt right or White Nationalists, except the domain http://NomeND (no mend) which I will sell for $2,000 to anyone.

I had been going to give these away, but I decided a nominal price is reasonable for my effort involved, the cost of the tech to move the files, and the seriousness of the new owners.

The color backgrounds have been tweaked up by my tech and some of the sites will also embed Facebook videos.

I will accept cash and many crypto currencies.

Phone me at 701 three three 4 three zero 7 five if interested.

The "xyz" domains can also be thought of as the "xyz" generations.

The sites are:

There are a few others I am not publicly listing for my own reasons.

Lastly, you must be able to prove to me your a really alt right or WN.

-Craig Cobb

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