Artificial Intelligence in Financial Services

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Speaker: Steve Emecz

CollectAI is a fintech company headquartered in Hamburg in Germany that helps customers digitise and optimise their receivables, with new ways to communicate like email, SMS and messaging apps. They optimise using integrated digital payments all supported by an artificial intelligence platform that automates and enhances the processes to make the receivables processes much more efficient. From traditional mass invoicing to a personalised and optimised service - i.e. getting your money faster, at lower operations cost and reducing service issues by x%.
How does Collect AI's solution/technology solve the problem better?
The platform helps select the best way to communicate to the client by channel (e.g. email, SMS, etc), time and content of message. It then enriches this with fast and efficient digital payment methods to settle the bills quickly and if there is an issue, they provide a structured dispute resolution process to optimise client feedback. Finally this is all supported by an artificial intelligence (AI) platform that learns from the behaviour of the client and optimises everything on its own.
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