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“Today, humanity is only occupied with various materials. Someone takes a piece of railroad track and sets it on a lawn, and that’s supposed to be art.” – Arno Breker

One of Hitler’s favorite sculptors was Breker, an NSDAP official artist whose works memorably complemented the architecture and general aesthetics of National Socialist Germany. The fact that his works were mostly state commissions does not lessen their respectability – contrary to what modern-day critics would like people to believe – but demonstrates that sincere personal expression and wholehearted public service are not only not mutually exclusive but can even be mutually supportive when a purpose exists to unite the two.

“If you look at history, you’ll see there are no schizophrenic sculptors. … We sculptors are too close to the material. We have to deal with stone, with the material. The overcoming of the material is a monumental task, one that challenges me from the moment my day begins.” – Arno Breker

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