AP You Tube Puts Out 13 Yr Old Capitol Demo Vid of NA Demo w/Billy RoperFeatured video

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1. Wide shot of rally with US Capitol in background
2. Close-up of protesters marching
3. Wide shot of protesters and Capitol
4. Close-up of protesters attempting to burn Israeli flag
5. Wide shot of protesters ripping Israeli flag
6. Wide shot of protesters and Capitol
7. SOUNDBITE: (English) Billy Roper, Protester
"We want to get the United States government to look after American interests first and Israel can look after Israeli interests. But we want the United States government to look after the United States' interests."
8. Wide shot of Nazi flags and Capitol
9. SOUNDBITE: (English) Jerry Bellows, Protester
"We want to oppose the National Alliance mobilizing here in DC and anywhere they are as best we can. We don't want them to grow any bigger and any stronger. We feel that the best way to fight against these kinds of groups is to do so directly, whether it's in DC or in our own communities."
10. Wide shot of neo-Nazis and counter-demonstrators
11. Wide shot of police marching
12. Wide shot of police on horseback
13. Wide shot of police spraying pepper spray
14. Wide shot of police pushing protesters
15. Close-up of neo-Nazis marching
16. Wide shot of Capitol building and protesters


Hundreds of right-wing protesters have gathered in Washington D-C to demonstrate against U-S support for Israel.

The group, called the National Alliance, promotes white supremacy. Their anti-Israel protest wasn't supported by any Arab-American groups.

A smaller band of counter-demonstrators gathered to oppose the National Alliance rally, but hundreds of police kept the two sides apart and the protests were peaceful. Few arrests were made during the demonstration.

Several protesters were arrested in Baltimore before the group travelled south to the U-S capital. The large police presence in Washington helped keep the rally relatively peaceful.

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