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David H. Laufman, one of the DOJ officials who interviewed Hillary Clinton in July, has been revealed as a donor to President Obama’s presidential campaigns. 

2nd paragraph- claims assoc with CIA from early 1980's:

Laufman's career as an attorney is neither very long nor particularly distinguished; he has no apparent expertise in contract or military law. Why, then, is he the nominee? I'm puzzled, and not in a good way....

Robert Parry states in passing the David Laufman is a "former CIA official". I've found no official documentation of that; it would be remarkable for the White House to omit such a salient detail from its description of his career. But the WH suppresses so much awkward information these days that it would not be surprising to find they've done it in this instance.

...his stock value in Bush Co., I think, was that he gave no quarter to the accused. (Except Hillary- Podblanc)

The true brilliance of Laufman, from the perspective of Bush Co., is demonstrated by his willingness to argue one day for heavy penalties under sentencing guidelines, and the next day to argue for heavy penalties against the sentencing guidelines.

...Mr. Laufman received his bachelor's degree from the University of Pennsylvania and his JD from Georgetown University.







This panel is either all jew or 4 out of 5 are jew.



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